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Turnin’ Two

posted by Chelsea

Before Cooper was born, my sister-in-law, Tawny, who had been a mom-to-a-boy for a couple of years already, was excited about helping us welcome a boy into our family.  She said, one of the many things Cooper would do, would be to  help me better understand my husband and men in general.


In the last two years, I have heard Tawny’s words ring true as I’ve been baffled, amazed, and in awe of this little man…


and his ability to show me how differently boys and girls are “wired”.

He’s a bizarre combination of ornery and insanely sweet.


He has no regard whatsoever for what, if anything, he wears.  He will bounce up from crazy tumbles, more irritated that it slowed him down than the fact that he’s bleeding.   He takes his play very seriously,


He will play “work” on anything he can get his hands on- most recently a squirt bottle, bike pedals…


and the underside of his scooter– little man is mechanically inclined. He takes note of every sound- every airplane that flies over, every tractor that drives by, every engine that starts… and usually reproduces its sound. He’s observant, for example– like a good little cowboy, he’s determined to shut any gate he notices is open..


whether it should be/can be or not.

We love everything about this little man of ours.  He’s the busiest little blessing we’ve ever received and can’t imagine life without him.  Happy 2 to you, Mr. Cooper!



Posted by chelsea

Two years ago at this time, I looked like this…


I know, I know.  You can hardly tell I was pregnant, but I was.  I was so pregnant that I woke up most mornings crying because I was still pregnant.  But you know the old saying, “this too shall pass”?  Well, indeed it did!  And I wouldn’t have traded it for anything because, besides a lot of stretch marks, look who we have to show for it..



Little man is turning two, so stay tuned because I”ll make a real big deal about it later in the week! :)


The Culprit

posted by Chelsea

There’s a reason I haven’t been blogging very much lately.  A good reason.  A busy reason.  An adventurous reason.  A stinkin’ cute reason.  A handful of a reason.  A climbing reason.  A mess-making reason.  A no-more-crib-cause-he’s-climbing-out reason.  A won’t-stay-in-his-new-big-boy-bed reason.

A Cooper reason…


I’ll blog again.  Maybe when he’s 5?  or 15? or 25? I don’t know, but I’ll come back periodically… and when I do, I’m pretty sure I’ll have a lot of adventurous stories to share  :-)


Lucy Girl

posted by Chelsea


Lucy learned to drive the feed truck,
While on a “binki” she still liked to suck.
She’s always been her dad’s right hand gal,


And her little sister’s all-time-best pal.


She’d rather tags calves before school starts

march14 034

Than fill out monotonous chore charts.
She loves a calf with a brockle face,
Especially one she might be able to chase.

Lucy often explains the meaning of a “springy cow”
To which non-rancher types often voice, “wow?!”
The “birds & the bees” are simple and true,
From the cows & the bulls she’s taken her cue.

She’s a responsible, Type-A, oldest child,

march14 096

And with her siblings (and dad!) she loves to play wild.


She’s determined and strong with her high pony tail
and she’ll eat anything, even spinach or kale.


Lucy’s energy stores never run dry,
No matter how hard we all try.
We call her our energizer bunny,
And her sense of humor is witty & funny.


She’s on spring break this week
And with it, an adventure she’d like to seek.
Lucky for us there’s work to be done
And lucky for her she’s able to do it in the sun!




A Formal Introduction

posted by Chelsea

If you’ve been around CC for very long, you’re already aware of the fact that I love PG Tips black tea with cream and (raw) sugar.  My girls do, too.  It’s an important part of our life, particularly our fall/winter/spring life.  If there is the slightest chill in the air, we need tea.


It’s a treat.  It’s a distraction.  It’s a way of life.

So… since Cooper is getting “older”, you know, quickly approaching his 2nd birthday, we decided to introduce him to our tea time.  We were strategic…. we took it outside because while he thinks he’s a real pro without a sippy lid, he’s actually not.

The girls were pretty thrilled to include him in our afternoon habit.  We all watched on to see what he’d think of his mostly cream and sugar (with a little bitta tea) combination…


We’re pretty sure he enjoyed every drop…




once he started…


he didn’t even bother coming up for air…


And when he finished his, he checked to make sure no one was looking so he could start in on Katelyn’s…


We have another tea drinker on our hands, folks!

Five Years Old!

posted by Chelsea

This weekend, Sunday to be exact, in the wee hours of the morning, at approximately 4:50 a.m….

His girl.

more spring 040

My girl.


Little sister girl.


Big sister girl.

crazy summer 068

Our Katelyn girl.


Our growing up too fast girl.

feb2014 006

Our girl who takes life with ease.  Our girl who loves sweetly, gives generously and learns quickly.

She surprises us, delights us and unites us.   We adore this little monkey and can’t believe our Baby Kate is turning the long awaited, much anticipated, magical number FIVE!

They Warned Me

Posted by Chelsea

Ever since he was born folks warned me it would happen.  “His sisters will dress him up in all sorts of things, dresses, skirts, you name it!”  Well, they were right…


…..But what nobody knew is that Mr. Cooper won’t have any part of it.  As soon as they get him dressed in the perfect skirt and matching shoes he proceeds to….


take it all…






Better luck next time sisters! :)


Posted by Chelsea

Our Lucy girl is growing up.   She’s headed back to school this morning after a couple of weeks off.  A few things about our girl this morning…. because, afterall, she turned 7 in December.  We celebrated…


… with a flourless mint-chocolate (super-duper-uper-rich) cake.

Now that she’s seven, she thinks it’s funny to try to resist my picture taking efforts…


And has even been known to flare her nostrils when I come in for a close-up…


That is, unless her little brother is involved….


…then she’s a pretty proud big sister.  (It’s hard to tell they’re related isn’t it?!)

Lucy doesn’t realize that some girls spend hours in the bathroom trying to make their hair look like hers does after 3 shower-less-brush-less days….


Here’s one of the great things about our Lucy girl.  Since day 1, she’s been a strong and determined child.  Whatever she puts her mind to (the key= her idea!) watch out because she’s all in and there’s no stopping her.  From crawling to walking to dressing herself to swinging a rope to addition and subtraction to biking to skiing to sorting cows… once she decides to do it- let the fun begin!  As of late, she’s decided she loves to read and it is so! much! fun!  Watching her grow and learn is one of the highlights of our life.  She’s energetic and ambitious and we couldn’t love her more.   She knows how to play hard…


and how to love creatures great and small…

oct13 098

… and basically, we’re just pretty dang proud to be her parents.  Yay for turning SEVEN!




posted by Chelsea

Just wanted to show you what our Monday-morning-(and every other morning) commute to school looks like.  These pictures showcase the last 3 miles or so of our 7 mile commute.  Mostly I wanted to share these because I thought it was only fair you should understand the reason for the nervous twitch I’ve acquired since we moved here out here.

First the “long-ways” view so you can see how far the road is above the river…


Then the “sideways-view” so you can appreciate the angle…


Now the middle of the hill…


And finally the zig and zag at the bottom…


I woke up with nightmares about this hill for the first couple of weeks we were here, but now (I kind of hate to admit it and you can call me crazy if you need to), but I’m actually getting pretty used to it.

How’s your Monday morning commute?!

He Kills Me

posted by Chelsea

Our baby boy…

sept13 009

is going through a cling-to-mommy stage.  It’s not highly convenient, especially when I’m doing things like oh… cooking dinner or milking the cow.  BUT seeing how this is my third round of toddler-hood, I know it won’t last.  Soon he’ll be running out the door to ride his bike and then the next day he’ll be driving away to college.

sept13 006

I’m hopeful he’ll be weaned by then, but that’s a topic for another day.  Anyway, when he isn’t clinging to me, he’s usually trying to figure out how something works… a cabinet door, or a wheel on a toy- something of that nature.  And if he’s not figuring out how something works, he prefers to climb up on the table (or counter) and throw things off.  That’s how he prefers to spend his time- clinging, figuring or climbing.

sept13 025

And through all of it I can tell you one thing- the boy, this boy…

sept13 010

…kills me.

While it should bother me when he stands on the table and throws things, I think he’s so stinking cute that I have to pretend it bothers me.  What kind of mother would I be if I LET HIM KNOW that I don’t mind?  I have to act like I mind because the fact is, I WILL mind when he’s 3 or 7 or 15.  And, while it should bother me when he constantly clings to me, I secretly  like it when he wraps his little arms around me and lays his head on my shoulder.  The clinging combined with whining can get a little tiresome, but overall I just love this little man of ours more than I can stand.

sept13 028

This little serious-while-he-plays-face, it kills me.

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