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Jr Rodeo, Superhero Sightings & Such

posted by Chelsea

Hi again!  I was so delighted and encouraged to keep writing when you showed up last week. Hi Grandpa! Hi Grandma!:-) Thanks for not giving up on me! ;-)

Lets see…. A couple weekends ago, Jessie & Collin put on the annual kids rodeo in town.  The girls have waited all summer for the big event. It was a really fun day. Katelyn and Lucy competed in barrels, pole bending, goat tail untying, and team sorting. Cooper was led through barrels and poles, and while he had fun, he was mostly upset that he had to be led…

12184013_10207111306253056_6875948665823232890_oMaybe next year he can ride by himself ;-) Here’s Kate, rockin’ the pole pattern… UntitledAnd Lucy, flyin’ thru the barrels… UntitledYou can see in the pictures, the girls have developed a habit of not using their stirrups. Katelyn has never really liked putting her feet in and Lucy’s make her knees sore. It’s worked out quite well, in my opinion. They both are having to learn to have a good seat and not rely on those stirrups. I like the habit :) On the way home from the rodeo we came across some cows that were out. The girls and I jumped out and got our horses out of the trailer… UntitledAnd put the cows away. Which, in my opinion, was the icing on the cake of a great day. On another note, we were riding last week… Untitledwhen we came across a superhero who wanted to ride… DSC_0429  Cooper loves costumes- particularly superheros. He shows up to various events in his costumes including an evening in the saddle. The fall evenings… Untitled

have been pretty pleasant around here. We did get some much needed rain this last weekend, but we’ve had a lot of ride-able afternoon and evenings!

Until next time~

Saddle Up!

posted by Chelsea

A few days ago I had my iPod with me while we were riding and caught this series of Lucy getting on.  I thought it was “share worthy”.  Kids get creative when they can’t reach the saddle horn to mount up.  Lucy is no exception- she’s found the right strings to grab onto to pull herself right up.


Getting on!


Getting on!


Getting on!

I’ll tell you one of the things I appreciate most about these pictures…

The big grey horse…Dish.

He just stands there, waiting patiently for her to do her thing. Getting on!

Getting on!

He doesn’t move away. He doesn’t walk away.

Getting on!

Getting on!

or otherwise misbehave in any way!

Getting on!

Love them!

A Harrowing Adventure

posted by Chelsea

I’ve started two other posts, ones to fill you in on Spring Break and turning cows out.  But they’re overwhelming me (it doesn’t take much!) and so I’m going to go a different route this morning and show you the “boys” in our family.  They were headed out for a “harrowing adventure” (ha!) this morning.  First (just to keep it all in perspective) Cooper has a persistent night-time cough.  So the last couple of early-mornings he’s ended up with us…


…I couldn’t help but sneak in with my camera when I saw him still snoozing in the sunshine.

When Cooper learned that he got to go “work with daddy” in the tractor this morning, he was all business.  Actually, when I said he needed to get dressed he thought I said “take a rest”.  He had a concerned look on his face and just wanted to make sure it was a “quick west” so he could “work with daddy in the twactor”.  No worries buddy!  Just need to get out of the footsies!  :)

We filled up his Spiderman bucket with snacks for the day and off they went…


Bye Mom!


This picture…


totally gets me.  He has to be lifted in for now, but someday he’ll be in jumping in all by himself.  Makes me ridiculously teary. And Buck ridiculously happy- he won’t mind giving up tractor duties, in fact, today is the only day he’s harrowing.  The girls and I will be on our own harrowing adventure through the weekend.  It was either that or go around fence.

Anyway!  Buckled in and on their way…


They’re off…


A harrowing adventure awaits!



Conversations With Cooper

posted by Chelsea

Cooper is at the age where I “should write down the funny things he says”.  Don’t you know that everyone says that when you have little kids?  “You need to write that down! You’ll forget!”  And I’m pretty sure they’re right, so I decided to start writing it down, right here. Because just like someday he’ll turn in his play horse and kids rope…


… for the real deal, he’ll also no longer be saying cute little things for me to write down and remember.  So here goes… the first installment of “Conversations With Cooper”… so I won’t forget. And neither will you.

Now that Cooper talks pretty well, there’s no longer any question about what’s going on in that little head of his.  For example, Friday night it was time for him to get ready for bed and after he gave Buck a hug & “tiss” goodnight he was walking towards his room when Buck said, “Hey Cooper! Tonight you need to stay in your own bed!  Don’t come up and wake Mom up, OK?”  Cooper didn’t look back or acknowledge his dad.  So his dad said, “Cooper? OK?”  And still no answer.  I was standing nearby and so I said, “Cooper, did you hear Daddy?”  And Cooper looked at me out of the sides of his eyes and said real seriously, “Not wanna talk to Daddy wight now.”

Speaking of bedtime… he likes whoever is putting him to bed to tell him a story.  He dictates almost every aspect of the story.  It’s usually about some sort of equipment… A “backhoe story” is one of his favorites.  This is how it goes…

Story teller, “Once there was a big backhoe.  A yellow one.”

Cooper, “No! A blue one!”

Story teller, “OK, once there was a big blue backhoe.  It was driving up the road.”

Cooper, “No! Digging!”

Story teller, “OK. It was digging a big hole for, um, a new water line?” (Story teller is me in this case and I struggle with backhoe stories!)

Cooper, “No! Making dirt piles for all the kids to pway in!”

You get the idea.  That’s how a story about a backhoe goes.  Last night he wanted a story about a nose… and he was no help with the details.  I think he threw it out there just to mess with me, “Lets see what mom does with this one…” Lets just say it was a runny nose.  And it needed to learn how to blow itself.  I was significantly better at that one than the backhoe.

On less of a funny note and more an “impressive” note, (this is my blog and I can brag if I want to!) Cooper and I were in town a week or so ago and I had to stop and get my tire pressure checked.  When we were all done and leaving “Schwabs” I was waiting for traffic while telling Cooper that we were going to go get some lunch to take to a friend’s house.  He said, “That wight mom, but not yet- too much cars coming!”  I love that at two and half he’s paid enough attention to know that.

When we drive to pick up the girls from school Cooper usually talks non-stop.  He has a lot to get out before he has competition from the sisters.  He likes to tell stories-  whopper kind of stories.  For instance, Friday we were driving down the hill when he asked if I like “behs” (“bears”).  I said, “Yah, I don’t mind bears.”  He asked if I like to hold behs.  I said, “Nope.  Don’t like to hold them.”  To which he said, “I wuv behs and I wuv to hold dem.  They don’t ate me, I just hold dem and pet dem…”  My little tender hearted superhero :)

You can expect more “Conversations with Cooper”… he’s approaching three and I think this sort of entertaining dialogue is really just beginning :)



posted by Chelsea

Nine days before Christmas we had a litter of pups.  Remember that?  Well, they’re a lot bigger now.  And they’ve all gone to their new homes… all except one who just needs to be delivered.  We decided to keep a male and a female.  We were only going to keep a male…. BUT we all fell in love with this little female…


… and decided to keep her, too.  We actually fell in love with all of the puppies, but we couldn’t keep them all for obvious reasons.  We are calling her Marta.  And her brother who you’ll see below, is Blitzen.

The kids have been on puppy duty…


making sure they are well loved & adored.  Yesterday afternoon we were all outside so when the kids and puppies all congregated in the driveway to play/sleep, I quickly grabbed my camera.  I mean, honestly, what can possibly be cuter than kids & puppies?!

Cooper really likes to pick the puppies up, but is learning that everyone is happier when the puppies are left square on the ground…


At this point I’d like to note the t-shirts and dry driveway…. it’s February.  We’re LOVING it…


Katelyn has the special touch… her maternal instincts put puppies right to sleep…


Until little brother comes along, anyway….


Then puppy eyes start opening…


And everyone is ready to play again!

Cooper at the Coast

posted by Chelsea

On our way to Buck’s Gram’s for Thanksgiving, we made a quick stop at the ocean.  I love the ocean.  I love the ocean so much.  I love the ocean tons and tons.  I love the ocean like a lot.  And I love bringing my family there.  This was Cooper’s first real experience (the last time he was a small baby) and it was so fun to bring him!

Chasing waves was super fun…


Buck loves chasing waves as much as the kids do…


And occasionally he had to help speed little-man up…


And if Buck wasn’t there to help, Lucy was…


When he wasn’t chasing waves,  he grabbed a piece of seaweed and chased down the seagulls yelling “wope the kickens! wope the kickens!” (“rope the chickens!”)….


And here, in my favorite shot, he wasn’t chasing anything…


There you have it! Cooper at the coast!

Photo Shoot

posted by Chelsea

sidenote: I know I said I would show you the cows coming home today, but I got distracted.  Cows coming home tomorrow! Three days in a row of posts! Whoa!

If this cold weather and early evenings are good for anything at all, it’s pictures.  Sunday evening the kids and I went out to do chores and I grabbed my camera because the lighting was puuuurrrfect!  And our Lucy girl had her hair down.  A rare occasion as our Lucy is a girl who doesn’t like anything to slow her down and hair, if left untamed, is a major slower-downer in her life.  It’s not only her hair… she also refuses to wear untapered pants for fear they may get stuck under a shoe or cause her to trip while she runs.  Lucy makes sure she has on tapered jeans and hair back in a ponytail so her movement is unhindered.  That’s how she rolls.

So… Sunday evening when her curls were flowing and the light was fabulous, I slowed her down long enough to get a few pictures…


A little something Grandma Janie taught me… backlighting…


And a close up…


Another close up that I “doctored” a little- to show the rosey cheeks and freckles a little better..


This next one is a “Lucy look”…


So is this one…


But my favorite shot of the evening is this next one…


And that was all I got.  Because soon her sister caught up and off they went…


Lucky for me, this guy…


didn’t mind joining in the shoot :-)

Autumn Wood ~ Shrooms

Chelsea’s note: Donna has a fall mini-series for us!  Applause!  Look forward to beautiful pics as well as creative and informative writing!

Posted by Donna

Walks in autumn wood nearly always include the sights and smells of Boletus edulism, also known as terrestrial fungus, a.k.a., mushrooms.

Yes, these little fellows. Everywhere I looked, they just seemed to pop up.

CC shroom10

Sometimes in clusters…..

CC shroom9

….and sometimes in pairs….

These “toadstools” were so interesting-looking, that I had to photograph their silhouette. Look what I would’ve missed had I not gotten down to their level and studied their anatomy!

CC shroom6

But I got a little curious to know more about what I was looking at so I googled “teaching kids about mushrooms” and here’s what showed up:

(A long time ago), a few eukaryote cells developed into multi-celled creatures. Some of them became animals, and some became plants, and others became mushrooms and the other funguses like yeast. So mushrooms are not either animals or plants, though they are more closely related to animals than they are to plants.

CC shroom5

There are many different kinds of mushrooms, but most mushrooms grow in more or less the same way. Most of the cells of the fungus actually stay underground, where they form a long, wide net of cells something like plant roots (they look like black shoelaces). These underground nets of cells can live a long time, even thousands of years.

CC shroom4

Like other eukaryote creatures, mushrooms use mitosis to grow bigger, and meiosis to produce tiny one-celled spores. The wind blows these spores away from the mother plant so that new mushrooms can grow in new soil.

CC shroom3

Most of the spores land on rocks or in water and don’t manage to grow at all. But when a spore lands on dirt or a decaying plant, it begans to eat the molecules in the dirt or the wood and sends a network of cells down into the ground. The network of cells is only a few cells thick, so it doesn’t need a circulatory system or a digestive system. When the network gets big enough, it sends up more mushrooms out of the ground, and these mushrooms produce spores, and the spores blow away to make new mushroom colonies.

CC Wood 77

Some funguses have (developed) partnerships with ferns, which (happened) only a little later, so that each of them depends on the other to stay alive.

To keep from being eaten by animals or plants, many kinds of mushrooms have developed poisons so that nothing will want to eat them. It’s hard to tell which mushrooms are poisonous, so you shouldn’t eat any wild mushroom unless your parents say it is okay.

The biggest shroom I found all summer was in the daisy garden and rivaled them for bloom beauty, don’t you agree? It was like a giant flowerhead itself.

CC shroom1

And we all know, all good things must come to an end; this big fella (pictured above earlier) lasted almost 5 weeks and after using up all its mitosis, its life ended for now.

CC shrooms 12

And speaking of beauty….

CC Wood 76

If your cowkids are curious to see more pictures, – Go to:

{Mushroom beauty compliments of McCall, Idaho and Washington, D.C.}

Wordless Wednesday

posted by Chelsea

I’ve seen other people do “Wordless Wednesday” on their blogs and I thought I’d participate this week.  The other blogs don’t use words, just pictures.  I’m such a rebel!  Look at all these words! I’m going crazy with words! I can’t stop!  Actually, I wanted to participate because I don’t have time to write a big ol’ post about our big ol’ weekend, but I did have time to download pictures and edit ’em :-) So… now I’ll share ’em.  And I’ll try not to talk about ’em.  No promises.

I do need to say a couple things.  First of all… we got to go to a homecoming football game on Friday night.  Buck gathered cows and moved them then rushed home, threw on some clean-ish clothes and we zipped up to watch Havin be the star of the show and lead his team to victory in their homecoming game, winning 72-0.  Seriously.

Now skip over to Sunday.  (Remember, no time for a buncha words!) Our friends Collin & Jessie…


took the bull by the horns…


(wasn’t that nice of Cooper to demonstrate? I guess technically that’s by the face, but we understand the demonstration, right?!) and put on a junior rodeo just like everyone has been saying “should happen” for the last several years.

I woke up a wee bit on the grouchy side of the bed because I didn’t feel like getting everyone ready and hauling everyone and their horse to town, but I put on a semi-happy face knowing it was probably going sure to be worth the effort.  And lo and behold! It was SO! MUCH! FUN! And we were SO! GLAD! WE! WENT!  Seriously.



who is bound and determined to catch stuff with her rope, made 5 out of 6 shots in the dummy roping.



who is bound and determined to make-her-horse-go-where-she-wants-to-go, walk-trotted the barrels with Daddy’s help and then spent the rest of the day in the practice arena making TJ go where she wanted to go (!!) by golly…


Then because I’m being short with words (WORDLESS Wednesday, remember?!) I’ll quickly explain that Havin’s dad is our farrier and he needed to reset some shoes on some horses.  So… he drove an extra 60 miles to shoe horses at the junior rodeo… and that way we got to see their family and his daughter Heidi got to be in the rodeo!  Look at her go….


And her big brothers hung out with our little kids…


Hi Havin!


Hi Hogan!

In addition to having a really fun time in their events, the kids also got to see friends…


And watch them compete, too…


And run around in the pasture together…


Look at them go!


I’d like to know what this conversation was about…


And basically we all had an all around fab-dab-u-lous day.  We got home in time to hang up our ropes and our hats…


And get back in bed.  On the not grouchy side.

So there you go! I guess I found the time to commentate.  Just know I could have said more.  A lot more.  WordLESS is relative.  Less words than their could have been!  I think I probably won’t make a habit out of participating in days without words.  Not even less of them.  It’s just not me.  I mean look at me go!  564 words.  That’s what WordPress just told me.  I guess that’s LESS than 565. “WordLESS than 565 Wednesday”… I see a trend in the making.

Turnin’ Two

posted by Chelsea

Before Cooper was born, my sister-in-law, Tawny, who had been a mom-to-a-boy for a couple of years already, was excited about helping us welcome a boy into our family.  She said, one of the many things Cooper would do, would be to  help me better understand my husband and men in general.


In the last two years, I have heard Tawny’s words ring true as I’ve been baffled, amazed, and in awe of this little man…


and his ability to show me how differently boys and girls are “wired”.

He’s a bizarre combination of ornery and insanely sweet.


He has no regard whatsoever for what, if anything, he wears.  He will bounce up from crazy tumbles, more irritated that it slowed him down than the fact that he’s bleeding.   He takes his play very seriously,


He will play “work” on anything he can get his hands on- most recently a squirt bottle, bike pedals…


and the underside of his scooter– little man is mechanically inclined. He takes note of every sound- every airplane that flies over, every tractor that drives by, every engine that starts… and usually reproduces its sound. He’s observant, for example– like a good little cowboy, he’s determined to shut any gate he notices is open..


whether it should be/can be or not.

We love everything about this little man of ours.  He’s the busiest little blessing we’ve ever received and can’t imagine life without him.  Happy 2 to you, Mr. Cooper!


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