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We’ve been getting snow!


MUCH snow! (this picture was the first day it started snowing- we have twice this much now!) And it’s been so fantastic! Last year I was dreading snow… this year, after the fire and such a hot dry summer I am delighted to see it.  It feels like a big healing blanket of moisture. (I just made that up… and I like it!)

 Yesterday the kids headed outside in the morning and they stayed outside sledding, building an igloo, and otherwise frolicking in the snow until the sun was on its way down.  I sent snacks out periodically and even “to-go” cups of hot chocolate, but they wanted to be out all the live long day.  So… in my spare time, I cleaned the house!  Kind of. I mean, I got distracted reading and exercising and cooking and stuff, but otherwise totally cleaned.  Kind of. ANYWAY, this is what it looked like on Lucy’s 9th birthday… just a few short days ago…


(We think she likes the new bike! Hey! She’s wearing my Bogs!) And now we are loaded with snow! Yippee!

Speaking of her birthday.  Here she is having a “happy birthday talk” with her great-grandparents while she snuggled the puppy we are keeping (out of our litter of 10)….


His name is Roy. Roy is a chunk- all belly!

And finally, for your viewing pleasure… here’s one of the attempts at our Christmas card picture. It didn’t work out so well… Untitled

I wish you could see Cooper’s face better. We were in auto-shoot mode with a tri-pod and in order to increase the “FUN FACTOR” of taking pics, the kids would run ahead, I’d push the button to take the picture then I’d run and get in the picture. This picture was ruined for Cooper because one of his sisters tried to help him by touching him on the back while running to get in the picture. The audacity of such a move by an older sister nearly ruined the entire shoot. You know what I really love about the picture? Tom, the big dog in the picture- came over when Cooper started crying. He loves our kids. And I love him so much for that. Which is good because he “ain’t” no cow dog!

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  1. So glad I checked your blog after I finished typing up my lesson for Sunday School this morning! When I got your card, I wondered if you had done an “auto-shoot” or if a friend took that wonderful family photo. (Notice that “Mom” knows where the camera is!) Happy to read about the all-day-snow-play and your chance to do some things of your own. Merry Christmas!

  2. Such fun, and thanks for sharing it with the “old folks”. We loved our birthday conversation with Lucy and have vowed to call more often – it makes you all seem closer. We await some special pictures and comments after your Christmas visit with your folks!!

  3. Smiles and love from over the mountains! :-)

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