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Black & White

posted by Chelsea

I haven’t taken quite as many branding pictures this year as I usually do.  But the ones I have taken, I’ve enjoyed editing.  And I happen to be on a black & white “kick”.  I’m going to share some pictures today- from two different brandings on the ranch.  We have one more big branding next weekend and every calf should have an iron on it!  For now, some black & white pics… and I’ll start right… with the girls…









A three-picture-sequence…


learning the ropes












posted by Chelsea

After much anticipation and waiting, I’m pleased to announce the arrival of Rose’s filly, Zinnia “Zinny”.


She arrived this morning about 12:30 a.m.

We knew Rose was close yesterday evening, so I went down to check on her at midnight.  It didn’t take long to see that labor was in full swing so I called Buck and he woke up the kids.  It was dark, but with the help of a spotlight everyone got to see Zinny make her entrance into a 60 degree drizzly May night.  This is Rose’s first foal so she was a little confused and surprised and baffled and tired. (Who’s to blame her?!) After Zinnia was born and Rose was all clued into what was going on, we sat in the grass and watched them get acquainted.

And then I was filled up with a lot of emotion.  For starters, Rose is as good a horse as we could ever ask for.  She was 4 when Buck and I got married- he had started her the summer before and was just beginning to really use her.  She has been a champion for us ever since- she’ll go anywhere and do anything.  She does it all with a competent and easy-to-get-along-with-attitude.  I’ve watched her hold a rope tight on big angry bulls, several wild cows, and she’s drug more calves to the fire than she cares to count.  We love her.  And basically her baby is like our baby.  Except it’ll stay with her and stuff.  Yay! And we won’t be doing anymore midnight checks.  Yay!

Back to my emotion– Second.  To have our kids there and for them to just get to revel in the moment of this new life was super special.


Ranch life carries with it some really neat times, but it also carries with it a lot of disappointment.  I can’t tell you how many calves the kids have helped doctor only to have them die.  The chickens they raised have suffered the wrath of our aggressive cow dogs.  We lost the other foal we were anxiously waiting for this spring.  Disappointments are part of the deal.  So when the good comes,


it’s extra sweet.  To sit out in the pasture as a family and watch this miracle- this newly born foal who has the God-given ability to jump up on it’s wobbly four legs and know right where to go for food


and to whinny and knicker at her mama…. is not only a good reason to be awake at one o’clock in the morning, it is just downright “livin’ the dream”.