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A Harrowing Adventure

posted by Chelsea

I’ve started two other posts, ones to fill you in on Spring Break and turning cows out.  But they’re overwhelming me (it doesn’t take much!) and so I’m going to go a different route this morning and show you the “boys” in our family.  They were headed out for a “harrowing adventure” (ha!) this morning.  First (just to keep it all in perspective) Cooper has a persistent night-time cough.  So the last couple of early-mornings he’s ended up with us…


…I couldn’t help but sneak in with my camera when I saw him still snoozing in the sunshine.

When Cooper learned that he got to go “work with daddy” in the tractor this morning, he was all business.  Actually, when I said he needed to get dressed he thought I said “take a rest”.  He had a concerned look on his face and just wanted to make sure it was a “quick west” so he could “work with daddy in the twactor”.  No worries buddy!  Just need to get out of the footsies!  :)

We filled up his Spiderman bucket with snacks for the day and off they went…


Bye Mom!


This picture…


totally gets me.  He has to be lifted in for now, but someday he’ll be in jumping in all by himself.  Makes me ridiculously teary. And Buck ridiculously happy- he won’t mind giving up tractor duties, in fact, today is the only day he’s harrowing.  The girls and I will be on our own harrowing adventure through the weekend.  It was either that or go around fence.

Anyway!  Buckled in and on their way…


They’re off…


A harrowing adventure awaits!