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They’re Cute!

Posted by Chelsea

I’ve been told it’s time for a new post.  It has come to my attention that some of you (I won’t mention names) are tired of “Crazy Mom” staring back at you when you check the blog.  So… First, a sincere thank you for checking the blog (Jessie)! I do want to write more.  And it means a lot to me that you still show up and wonder if I have anything new to say.  And second, I have a post brewing about our Spring Break “adventure” (beware there may be some graphic details about sickly children included) but it’s not finished because the sickly kids now have a sickly mother.  In addition, Spring Break ended on a pretty heavy note for our family and while I’ll share more on that later, tonight I need to keep it light.  So for now, I want to tell you something semi-not-important-at-all.

Here’s the thing.  I have always worn black bog boots (definition: mud boots that keep your feet warm and while not wet from the outside, real “boggy” on the inside from your own warm sweat.  In our house we refer to feet spent in bogs all day as “bogged out”- that being an official ranch term).   ANYWAY! I have, since the beginning of bog-time, worn the tall “rancher” style boots, as in, no frills, even though they can be purchased in colorful prints and patterns.  I figured since they’re just going to get muddy and gross and sopped out disgusting, no sense being cute.  Well… my tall-black-rancher-style-no-frills-bog-boots finally broke out last fall.  And since I needed new bog boots, I went ahead and did a 180.  I decided, who cares if they’re going to get muddy and gross?  They might as well be cute too! So I did the right thing and…. told my mom.  And on my birthday she showed up with these…


And you know what? They must be cute, even with dirt and some other stuff on them, because in all my black-bog-wearing years, I never once took a picture of my no-frills-bog-boots.

I’ve decided that cute is important.  Even it’s dirty or muddy or has the bodily fluids of a bovine creature on it, cute is a nice, feminine addition to just about anything.  That’s my opinion.  And I’m sticking with it.


Crazy Mom

posted by Chelsea

During calving season we often walk out through the cows to check on things.  We might tag some calves, band a few bulls calves, or check to make sure we didn’t miss a set of twins or something.  During these “walk-throughs” the cows don’t “panic” because they’re used to us and this routine, but they usually pop their heads up from eating and make a quick look around to spot their calf…


and often, they mother-up with them, unless their too busy eating or something.  Normal newborn scenario, right?  I did would have done the same thing when my babies were new and someone wanted to come rope them or tag them, even if I was eating…. I mean, I don’t blame the mama cows one bit.

So the funny part.  You remember “the Lucy Cow“…


Well, we thought she was open (not bred!) last year and she’s getting older, and so we would have sold her except she is “The Lucy Cow” and so we kept her.  Well, she ended up being bred really late and was a fall calver, she calved in September or something.  Normally we would sell fall calvers because they’re hard to get back on a spring calving schedule, blah blah blah, but because she is “The Lucy Cow”… you’re catching on here… we kept her!   And so… she is currently in with the rest of the cows, along with her giant baby…


who is now nearly weaning age.  Every time we walk out into the field (to check on the newborns!) she bellers and runs for her giant like he’s an infant.  He’s usually off eating grass or drinking water from the river and looks up at her like “Are you crazy?!”  It’s basically like a human-type-mom running through a nursery of newborn babies desperate to get to her teenager before someone else tries to swaddle him.  While it makes us laugh every time she goes bellering through the newborns to find her teenager, that’s part of the reason we love her- she’s a good mama!  A little bit crazy… but good!  I think we’ll keep her.


Conversations With Cooper

posted by Chelsea

Cooper is at the age where I “should write down the funny things he says”.  Don’t you know that everyone says that when you have little kids?  “You need to write that down! You’ll forget!”  And I’m pretty sure they’re right, so I decided to start writing it down, right here. Because just like someday he’ll turn in his play horse and kids rope…


… for the real deal, he’ll also no longer be saying cute little things for me to write down and remember.  So here goes… the first installment of “Conversations With Cooper”… so I won’t forget. And neither will you.

Now that Cooper talks pretty well, there’s no longer any question about what’s going on in that little head of his.  For example, Friday night it was time for him to get ready for bed and after he gave Buck a hug & “tiss” goodnight he was walking towards his room when Buck said, “Hey Cooper! Tonight you need to stay in your own bed!  Don’t come up and wake Mom up, OK?”  Cooper didn’t look back or acknowledge his dad.  So his dad said, “Cooper? OK?”  And still no answer.  I was standing nearby and so I said, “Cooper, did you hear Daddy?”  And Cooper looked at me out of the sides of his eyes and said real seriously, “Not wanna talk to Daddy wight now.”

Speaking of bedtime… he likes whoever is putting him to bed to tell him a story.  He dictates almost every aspect of the story.  It’s usually about some sort of equipment… A “backhoe story” is one of his favorites.  This is how it goes…

Story teller, “Once there was a big backhoe.  A yellow one.”

Cooper, “No! A blue one!”

Story teller, “OK, once there was a big blue backhoe.  It was driving up the road.”

Cooper, “No! Digging!”

Story teller, “OK. It was digging a big hole for, um, a new water line?” (Story teller is me in this case and I struggle with backhoe stories!)

Cooper, “No! Making dirt piles for all the kids to pway in!”

You get the idea.  That’s how a story about a backhoe goes.  Last night he wanted a story about a nose… and he was no help with the details.  I think he threw it out there just to mess with me, “Lets see what mom does with this one…” Lets just say it was a runny nose.  And it needed to learn how to blow itself.  I was significantly better at that one than the backhoe.

On less of a funny note and more an “impressive” note, (this is my blog and I can brag if I want to!) Cooper and I were in town a week or so ago and I had to stop and get my tire pressure checked.  When we were all done and leaving “Schwabs” I was waiting for traffic while telling Cooper that we were going to go get some lunch to take to a friend’s house.  He said, “That wight mom, but not yet- too much cars coming!”  I love that at two and half he’s paid enough attention to know that.

When we drive to pick up the girls from school Cooper usually talks non-stop.  He has a lot to get out before he has competition from the sisters.  He likes to tell stories-  whopper kind of stories.  For instance, Friday we were driving down the hill when he asked if I like “behs” (“bears”).  I said, “Yah, I don’t mind bears.”  He asked if I like to hold behs.  I said, “Nope.  Don’t like to hold them.”  To which he said, “I wuv behs and I wuv to hold dem.  They don’t ate me, I just hold dem and pet dem…”  My little tender hearted superhero :)

You can expect more “Conversations with Cooper”… he’s approaching three and I think this sort of entertaining dialogue is really just beginning :)


Whatta Ya Think?

posted by Chelsea


If I am out of milk, is it wrong to feed my boy cereal with half & half?


Do you think this…


… is what the washing machine means by “heavy soil”?  (Those are pants…. in case you’re still trying to understand the picture)

Do you think this…


looks like a cozy and inviting place to sit?

Do you think this…


looks painful?!

Do you think it’s weird that I feel the need to take pictures of my clean…



(Side note: I’ve been sorting through pictures for a collage-wall-thing I’m putting together and I’m considering a blown up print of that clean kitchen. It makes me happier than most scenic shots I have.)

Do you think this…


looks like an oldest daughter who is tired of checking cows?  (Hint: yes. yes. yes.) (Side note: cute hat though, isn’t it? Has a pony-tail-hole in the back!)

Do you think this calf…


is cute?

Does it look like this girl…


…enjoyed her birthday? (Hint: yes. yes. yes).

Can you guess what gift delighted her more than anything in the whole-wide-world?

Drum roll please…….

… her first loose tooth.  She’s been waiting ever so anxiously to lose a tooth and the first loose one arrived on her big day.  Her big sister may or may not have convinced her that there are people who never do lose teeth and either A. have baby teeth forever or B. have to have them all pulled out by a dentist.  Big sisters have a lot of power– more convincing power than I have unconvincing power, lets just say that.

Do you think Rose…


… will have the best, brightest and most beautiful foal on the planet in about 6 weeks?!

Do you think we’ve ever been able to ride our bikes…


… in February?

Finally… Do you think I’ll write posts more often?!

I want to! I plan to! I will! I hope! I have a lot to say!