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posted by Chelsea

Nine days before Christmas we had a litter of pups.  Remember that?  Well, they’re a lot bigger now.  And they’ve all gone to their new homes… all except one who just needs to be delivered.  We decided to keep a male and a female.  We were only going to keep a male…. BUT we all fell in love with this little female…


… and decided to keep her, too.  We actually fell in love with all of the puppies, but we couldn’t keep them all for obvious reasons.  We are calling her Marta.  And her brother who you’ll see below, is Blitzen.

The kids have been on puppy duty…


making sure they are well loved & adored.  Yesterday afternoon we were all outside so when the kids and puppies all congregated in the driveway to play/sleep, I quickly grabbed my camera.  I mean, honestly, what can possibly be cuter than kids & puppies?!

Cooper really likes to pick the puppies up, but is learning that everyone is happier when the puppies are left square on the ground…


At this point I’d like to note the t-shirts and dry driveway…. it’s February.  We’re LOVING it…


Katelyn has the special touch… her maternal instincts put puppies right to sleep…


Until little brother comes along, anyway….


Then puppy eyes start opening…


And everyone is ready to play again!