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All My Dreams

posted by Chelsea

I have a lot more to say.  Keep that in mind.  But for now… this…

My friend, Mary has encouraged me over the last few years that when all my kids were over the age of two, I could ride “again”.  A two year old, she said, can sit in the saddle on their own and be “pony’d” (led) behind.   That’s when she started riding again- when her youngest, Collin…


(front, right) was two.

Well… now that its cooler, we’ve been riding in the evenings.  And I can proudly say EVERYONE is mounted.  On their own horse!  This is made possible by the ranch babysitter…


… who takes care of Cooper.  “Mudpie” is an excellent sport- he walks around, calm-as-can-be as Cooper “kiss and kicks”, shakes the lead rope, and shouts that he’s riding a “buck horse!!”

Meanwhile, the girls…




right along with us..


All my dreams are coming true!