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Turnin’ Two

posted by Chelsea

Before Cooper was born, my sister-in-law, Tawny, who had been a mom-to-a-boy for a couple of years already, was excited about helping us welcome a boy into our family.  She said, one of the many things Cooper would do, would be to  help me better understand my husband and men in general.


In the last two years, I have heard Tawny’s words ring true as I’ve been baffled, amazed, and in awe of this little man…


and his ability to show me how differently boys and girls are “wired”.

He’s a bizarre combination of ornery and insanely sweet.


He has no regard whatsoever for what, if anything, he wears.  He will bounce up from crazy tumbles, more irritated that it slowed him down than the fact that he’s bleeding.   He takes his play very seriously,


He will play “work” on anything he can get his hands on- most recently a squirt bottle, bike pedals…


and the underside of his scooter– little man is mechanically inclined. He takes note of every sound- every airplane that flies over, every tractor that drives by, every engine that starts… and usually reproduces its sound. He’s observant, for example– like a good little cowboy, he’s determined to shut any gate he notices is open..


whether it should be/can be or not.

We love everything about this little man of ours.  He’s the busiest little blessing we’ve ever received and can’t imagine life without him.  Happy 2 to you, Mr. Cooper!


3 1/2 Decades ~ 1/3 of a Century

God of the Open Air

Keith’s part: God of the open air, we stand reverently in this temple not made with human hands.
The towering pines lift our thoughts above us to the Source of all this beauty.
The singing of the feather-throated choir puts a melody in our hearts, a song of joy and praise and trust.


CC Donna's part

Donna’s part: All the discordant notes of the world are muted;
all the problems of life are forgotten.
We are filled with an inner peace and know that here we have found Thee.
As we leave this hallowed spot, may the reality of Thy presence go with us to give us courage and strength to fulfill our daily tasks.
— Dorothy Wells Pease

35 years ago in an open field beside a deep forest in the Pine Tree State,


my husband and I recited this with each other before God and guests on June 2, 1979. We try to speak it together once a year, usually on June 2nd but not always. We found it in a Boy Scout camping book in a library. Today is the first day I’ve known who wrote it. Many thanks to Mrs Pease (1896-1984), who penned this beautiful prayer, our wedding vows, in 1957. Ironically, we were married in Wells, Maine (her middle name).

From Ocean Beach


to Mackay Bar


to Tamarack Falls

CC TFalls

to Forest Street
(Then a whole bunch of homes, way too many to list here.);
from Recycled Acres to Pine Island Canal

CC Welcome to Floridah

to Warren Wagon Road and now pretty much those last 3,
our life together has been kissed by God.

Thank You, God of the open air!

Here’s where we renewed those time-tested vows yesterday, a day early!
CC Trees

Never boring,
Always inclusive,
Rarely predictable,
Often very interesting,
we’ve found it’s very complicated trying to live simply.
So we’ve accepted complicated as a very blessed marriage.


Posted by chelsea

Two years ago at this time, I looked like this…


I know, I know.  You can hardly tell I was pregnant, but I was.  I was so pregnant that I woke up most mornings crying because I was still pregnant.  But you know the old saying, “this too shall pass”?  Well, indeed it did!  And I wouldn’t have traded it for anything because, besides a lot of stretch marks, look who we have to show for it..



Little man is turning two, so stay tuned because I”ll make a real big deal about it later in the week! :)