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Good, Right, & Paisley

posted by Chelsea

A few things.  A few random things.  That I love.  Some I’ll love forever.  Some will go out of style.  Some I’ll possibly look back on with tinges of “why?”  While others, I’ll remember with nothing but sentimental teary-ness for years to come. I have a lot of catch up to do this morning, so hang on to your computer chair because we’re about to cover a lot of ground…all in the name of things that I love.

The first thing I love.  “The Ranch Woman’s Manual” written in 1976 by Gwen Petersen.  So stinking hilarious I can hardly stand it.  Now.. before you go buying it (I bought the last 2 copies from Amazon, so you might need to find another source!) I have to make a disclaimer.  You know how, when something relates to you, it proves to be especially funny?  Well, I relate to this book like I relate to other nurses- the sense of humor is a little twisted, and a little “off”.  But hilarious.

I also love the monthly “allowance” given to me by the local school district.  While they aren’t subsidizing my blogging efforts, they pay our fuel mileage for taking Lucy to school each and every day.  Some folks would consider this nothing more than “reimbursement” for driving their kids to school; I consider it my own personal spending money.  Summer break looks to be a disappointment in that regard.

Another thing I love.  All things PAISLEY.  Love it.  Donna once told me she got too much of it in the 70’s.  Well… I wasn’t around then and so I’m currently taking in a full dose of all things good, right, and paisley.  Love it.  Want it everywhere.   Example A:


(so nice of the Easter Bunny (aka still my parents) to find this rug, know about my love for all things good, right, and paisley, as well as our need for an area rug, and give it to me “for Easter”!)

and Example B: (see my gas money well spent!)


(this may or may not have been found in the “TEEN” section of a bedding store. I don’t care either way!)

I love that Lands End sent me a complimentary copy of “Glamour” magazine.  I bet the mail lady got a real kick out of putting that in my mailbox, way out here in the boonies.  I get a real kick out of it sitting slap-dap in the middle of “Range” magazine, “Western Livestock Journal”, “Capital Press”, and “Agri-Times”.

I love this waving-girl…


… who happens to be riding Miss Marilyn this summer.  Looking pretty sweet together, if I do say so myself!

I love this picture of my Father-in-law, Bill, roping off of Spiderman a couple of weeks ago…


…I won’t speak to Spiderman’s heroic abilities that particular day, but I like picture :)

I love “Cowboy Bouquets” (aka wildflower bouquets brought home to me!)…


… just one of the many luxuries of being married to a cowboy.

We branded our calves on Friday. The first thing I loved was having Evelyn come join us and take pictures! She took some really great shots and we got to stand and visit during a good chunk of the action, too!  As a side note, Evelyn and I met online a few years ago.  We started chatting about a picture of the Dorrance Barn and then found out we live one county away from each other and have all sorts of connections! We have met in person a few times now, including this last Friday.  Such a treat!

I also loved having lunch on our lawn after the branding…


and being able to serve our crew right from the comfort of our porch…


… as opposed to the typical scenario of me hauling food to a set of corrals down a bumpy dirt road! Made my life So! Much! Easier! (My cute husband on the left, in the blue, in case you missed him.)

I really loved a visit from my grandparents this weekend…


…who, along with my parents, made the wild and windy trek all the way from Idaho to see us!  Super special to see them, show them where we live, entertain them…


and eat some super tasty Prime Rib on the deck with them…


…LOVE them!

And to finish this post off right, I love the way Cooper chose to eat his lunch in the sunshine last week…


I mean, how can you not love that?!

The Culprit

posted by Chelsea

There’s a reason I haven’t been blogging very much lately.  A good reason.  A busy reason.  An adventurous reason.  A stinkin’ cute reason.  A handful of a reason.  A climbing reason.  A mess-making reason.  A no-more-crib-cause-he’s-climbing-out reason.  A won’t-stay-in-his-new-big-boy-bed reason.

A Cooper reason…


I’ll blog again.  Maybe when he’s 5?  or 15? or 25? I don’t know, but I’ll come back periodically… and when I do, I’m pretty sure I’ll have a lot of adventurous stories to share  :-)