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Posted by  Chelsea

We had the first ranch branding of the year this weekend.  The weather was cloudy, then rainy, then sunny, then sleety.  You know, typical spring. Did I just post that spring is my favorite season?  Buck’s folks were here this weekend and my father-in-law, Bill, reminded me of that post several times, you know, when it was raining… or snowing…. or sleeting.   Ok fine! I actually really love summer!

I have pictures to sort through and stories to share, but for now I’ve been playing around with some silhouette shots.  First, a picture my mom-in-law took and then I edited of Buckaroo…


And a little different take on a picture of Uncle Todd…



Lots more to share, but those two for now…. :)

Creative Best

Posted by Chelsea

Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given and then sink yourself into that.

Don’t be impressed with yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others.

Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best with your own life.

Galations 6:4,5 (The Message)


Easter Monday

~posted by Donna
Matthew 28:16-20
The eleven disciples went to the hill

CC Easter

in Galilee where Jesus had told them to go. When they saw Him,

CC flower for Jesus

they worshiped Him, even though some of them doubted. Jesus drew near and said to them, “I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth. Go, then, to all peoples everywhere

CC Easter 31

and make them My disciples: baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and teach them to obey everything I have commanded you. And I will be with you always,

CC Easter 23

to the end of the age.”

Easter Sunday

Posted by Donna

Matthew 28:1-10
After the Sabbath, as Sunday morning was dawning, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to look at the tomb. Suddenly there was a violent earthquake; an angel of the Lord came down from heaven, rolled the stone away,

CC Easter tomb

and sat on it. His appearance was like lightning, and his clothes were white as snow. The guards were so afraid that they trembled and became like dead men.
The angel spoke to the women. “You must not be afraid,” he said. “I know you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; He has been raised, just as He said. Come here and see the place where He was lying. Go quickly now, and tell His disciples, ‘He has been raised from death, and now He is going to Galilee ahead of you; there you will see Him!’ Remember what I have told you.”

So they left the tomb in a hurry, afraid and yet filled with joy, and ran to tell His disciples. Suddenly Jesus met them and said, “Peace be with you.” They came up to Him, took hold of His feet, and worshiped Him. “Do not be afraid,” Jesus said to them. “Go and tell My brothers to go to Galilee, and there they will see Me.”

CC Easter 30

Easter Week ~ Holy Saturday

~posted by Donna
Matthew 27:62-66
The next day, which was a Sabbath, the chief priests and the Pharisees met with Pilate and said,

CC Gull 5

“Sir, we remember that while that liar was still alive He said, ‘I will be raised to life three days later.’ Give orders, then, for His tomb to be carefully guarded until the third day, so that His disciples will not be able to go and steal the body, and then tell the people that He was raised from death. This last lie would be even worse than the first one.”

CC Cross

“Take a guard,” Pilate told them; “go and make the tomb as secure as you can.”
So they left and made the tomb secure by putting a seal on the stone and leaving the guard on watch.

Easter Week ~ Good Friday

~posted by Donna
Matthew 27:1,2
Early in the morning all the chief priests and the elders made their plans against Jesus to put Him to death.

CC Eagle

They put Him in chains, led Him off, and handed Him over to Pilate, the Roman governor.

Matthew 27:15-22
At every Passover Festival the Roman governor was in the habit of setting free any one prisoner the crowd asked for. At that time there was a well-known prisoner named Jesus Barabbas.

CC Gull 7

So when the crowd gathered, Pilate asked them, “Which one do you want me to set free for you? Jesus Barabbas or Jesus called the Messiah?” He knew very well that the Jewish authorities had handed Jesus over to him because they were jealous.
While Pilate was sitting in the judgment hall, his wife sent him a message: “Have nothing to do with that innocent man, because in a dream last night I suffered much on account of Him.”

CC Gull 10

The chief priests and the elders persuaded the crowd to ask Pilate to set Barabbas free and have Jesus put to death. But Pilate asked the crowd, “Which one of these two do you want me to set free for you?”
“Barabbas!” they answered.
“What, then, shall I do with Jesus called the Messiah?” Pilate asked them.

“Crucify him!” they all answered.

CC Gull 4

Matthew 27:27-31, 35
Then Pilate’s soldiers took Jesus into the governor’s palace, and the whole company gathered around him. They stripped off His clothes and put a scarlet robe on Him. Then they made a crown out of thorny branches and placed it on His head, and put a stick in His right hand;

CC Anhinga

then they knelt before Him and made fun of Him. “Long live the King of the Jews!” they said. They spat on Him, and took the stick and hit Him over the head. When they had finished making fun of Him, they took the robe off and put His own clothes back on Him. Then they led Him out to crucify Him.

They crucified Him and then divided His clothes among them by throwing dice.

Matthew 27:57-60
When it was evening, a rich man from Arimathea arrived; his name was Joseph, and he also was a disciple of Jesus.

CC Hawk

He went into the presence of Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus. Pilate gave orders for the body to be given to Joseph. So Joseph took it, wrapped it in a new linen sheet, and placed it in his own tomb, which he had just recently dug out of solid rock. Then he rolled a large stone across the entrance to the tomb and went away.

CC birds eye

Mary Magdalene and the other Mary were sitting there, facing the tomb.

Easter Week ~ Maundy Thursday

~posted by Donna
Matthew 26:17-25
On the first day of the Festival of Unleavened Bread the disciples came to Jesus and asked Him, “Where do You want us to get the Passover meal ready for You?”
“Go to a certain man in the city,”

CC Says phoebe

He said to them, “and tell him: ‘The Teacher says, My hour has come; My disciples and I will celebrate the Passover at your house.’” The disciples did as Jesus had told them and prepared the Passover meal.
When it was evening, Jesus and the twelve disciples sat down to eat. During the meal Jesus said, “I tell you, one of you will betray Me.”

The disciples were very upset and began to ask Him,

CC Gull 11

one after the other, “Surely, Lord, You don’t mean me?”
Jesus answered, “One who dips his bread in the dish with Me will betray Me. The Son of Man will die as the Scriptures say He will, but how terrible for that man who will betray the Son of Man! It would have been better for that man if he had never been born!”
Judas, the traitor, spoke up.

CC Gull2

“Surely, Teacher, You don’t mean me?” he asked.
Jesus answered, “So you say.”

Matthew 26:36-46
Then Jesus went with His disciples to a place called Gethsemane, and He said to them, “Sit here while I go over there and pray.” He took with Him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee. Grief and anguish came over Him, and He said to them, “The sorrow in My heart is so great that it almost crushes Me. Stay here and keep watch with Me.”
He went a little farther on, threw Himself face downward on the ground, and prayed, “My Father, if it is possible, take this cup of suffering from Me! Yet not what I want, but what You want.”
Then He returned to the three disciples and found them asleep;

CC single crane

and He said to Peter, “How is it that you three were not able to keep watch with Me for even one hour? Keep watch and pray that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

Once more Jesus went away and prayed, “My Father, if this cup of suffering cannot be taken away unless I drink it, Your will be done.” He returned once more and found the disciples asleep;

CC sleeping bird

they could not keep their eyes open.

Again Jesus left them, went away, and prayed the third time, saying the same words. Then He returned to the disciples and said, “Are you still sleeping and resting?

CC Gull 3

Look! The hour has come for the Son of Man to be handed over to the power of sinners. Get up, let us go. Look, here is the man who is betraying Me!”

Easter Week ~ Wednesday

~posted by Donna
Matthew 16:1-5
When Jesus had finished teaching all these things, He said to His disciples, “In two days, as you know, it will be the Passover Festival, and the Son of Man will be handed over to be crucified.”
Then the chief priests and the elders met together

CC Gulls

in the palace of Caiaphas, the High Priest, and made plans to arrest Jesus secretly and put Him to death. “We must not do it during the festival,” they said, “or the people will riot.”

Matthew 26:14-16
Then one of the twelve disciples—the one named Judas Iscariot

CC Vulture

went to the chief priests and asked, “What will you give me if I betray Jesus to you?” They counted out thirty silver coins and gave them to him. From then on Judas was looking for a good chance to hand Jesus over to them.

Easter Week ~ Tuesday

~posted by Donna
Matthew 21:28-32
“Now, what do you think? There was once a man who had two sons. He went to the older one and said, ‘Son, go and work in the vineyard today.’
‘I don’t want to,’ he answered,

CC Curlew

but later he changed his mind and went. Then the father went to the other son and said the same thing. ‘Yes, sir,’ he answered, but he did not go.

CC Robin

“Which one of the two did what his father wanted?”
“The older one,” they answered.
So Jesus said to them, “I tell you: the tax collectors and the prostitutes are going into the Kingdom of God ahead of you. For John the Baptist came to you showing you the right path to take, and you would not believe him; but the tax collectors and the prostitutes believed him. Even when you saw this, you did not later change your minds and believe him.


Posted by Chelsea

If you were to ask me my favorite season, I’d probably tell you Fall.  UNLESS you happen to ask me in April or May- it’s then and only then that I seem remember the truth- I LOVE SPRING!!  The rest of the year I forget the glory of coming up out of winter to catch a breath of spring-filled-air! (Go ahead and re-read that sentence, I just made it up and I think it was a keeper!)  Anyway, I can tell you with assurance that  Spring has sprung!  And over the course of the last 10 months, I somehow managed to forget…

how we hit the ground running the instant the days get longer….


how there’s more to accomplish than hours in the day…


how good the blue sky and sunshine feels…


how company starts coming to see us…


(LOVE this girl! and, obviously, the boy she’s snuggling :-) Oh and Callie, you left your hat here… Cooper appreciated it for a day or two ?! I’ll get it back to you! ;-)

how horses need shoes…


how much more often we get to ride those horses with shoes on…



how fun it is to have chicks arrive…


I told you I’d show pictures!  Better late than never, right?! For being so patient, here’s another!


how wonderful it is to see green grass…


and wildflowers weeds…


Somehow the rest of the year I forget all of these wonderful things. BUT now! I remember!  And I love it!

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