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Graduation Quilt

by Charlotte

When my folks lived in a small town on the Western Slope of Colorado, the church ladies would make a graduation quilt for all of the graduating seniors.  They would make the squares and send them out to friends and family of the graduate for the friends and family to embroider some words of wisdom (usually a Bible verse) on the square.  Then the church ladies would assemble those squares into a beautiful graduation quilt.  I loved the idea.  I wanted one for myself, but not bad enough to graduated from there.  :)

My nieces and nephews have started reaching graduating age.  *gasp*

So I decided to make a quilt for the first one to graduate.  She graduated in May and now it is August, but her quilt is finally done.

It took longer than expected and was more work than I had hoped so there is no guarantee the other nieces and nephews will get one.  (Just warning you all.)

I gathered the verses from family because I don’t know any of her friends.  And I did all the embroidering because most of her don’t embroider.  Here is the verse her mother gave me:

And from me:

Some are more legible…

than others.

Well you get the idea.

To the nephew that graduates next year…don’t get your hopes up.  This one took me eight years from start to finish.  :)