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Easter 2013 A.D.

It is our hope that each of you had a blessed and bountiful Easter. We celebrated the risen Savior with so much love and laughter here in Seville, I don’t want to see this day end. It was “a foretaste of glory divine.”  I could write a very long post about the many beautiful things this day included but I will let the pictures tell part of the story as I often do. There is no way we are concluding observance of this most sacred holiday with the Jerusalem obit. Jesus is alive and we celebrated with Him today.

CC Easter start sunrise

CC Easter sunrise

CC Easter people

CC Easter flowers on cross

CC Easter Cades

CC Easter egg hunt

CC Easter banner

Jerusalem OBITUARIES 33 AD


CC obit pic sergio

Jesus Christ, 33, of Nazareth died Friday on Mount Calvary, also known as Golgotha, the place of the skull.  Betrayed by the apostle Judas, Jesus was crucified by the Romans, by order of the Ruler Pontius Pilate.  The causes of death were crucifixion, extreme exhaustion, severe torture, and loss of blood.

Jesus Christ, a descendant of Abraham, was a member of the house of David. He was the Son of the late Joseph, a carpenter of Nazareth, and Mary, His devoted Mother.  Jesus was born in a stable in the city of Bethlehem, Judea.  He is survived by His mother, Mary, brothers and sisters, His faithful Apostles, numerous disciples, and many other followers.

Jesus was self-educated and spent most of His adult life working as a Teacher.  Jesus also occasionally worked as a Medical Doctor and it is reported that He healed many patients.  Up until the time of His death, Jesus was teaching and sharing the Good News, healing the sick, touching the lonely, feeding the hungry, and helping the poor.

Jesus was most noted for telling parables about His Father’s Kingdom and performing miracles, such as feeding over 5,000 people with only 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish, and healing a man who was born blind.  On the day before His death, He held a Last Supper celebrating the Passover Feast, at which He foretold His death.

The body was quickly buried in a stone grave, which was donated by Joseph of Arimathea, a loyal friend of the family. By order of Pontius Pilate, a boulder was rolled in front of the tomb.  Roman soldiers were put on guard.

In lieu of flowers, the family has requested that everyone try to live as Jesus did.  Donations may be sent to anyone in need.


(Author known to God)


People at the Foot of the Cross ~ A Group

“Remember that day on the hill above the Sea of Galilee? There were hundreds of us and Jesus healed everyone we brought to Him.”

“Yes, I was lame; He healed me.”
“I once was blind, but now I see.”

“I couldn’t speak then but I speak these words because of Him.” (The man points towards the cross.)

“My legs were useless. I’m walking again.”

“I’m talking, too.”

“I’m walking, too.”

“I can see. I can see. He gave me my sight,” as he gazes gratefully upward to the bloodied man on the middle cross.

“Praise the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. God have mercy on this Man, Jesus; surely He is who He said He is.”

Matthew 16:29-31


And the next night, at the end of the second day, the last bystander reluctantly placed his parcel lovingly, wistfully at the new tomb  (which had been carved out of the rock) belonging to Joseph of Arimathea (who himself had also become a disciple of Jesus), where a great stone was rolled across the entrance and where thousands of loaves of bread had been anonymously  piled high, reaching toward heaven.

Matthew 27:57-60


Our Anchor

posted by Donna

It took a cross to make an Anchor.

CC Anchor3

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain,  where our forerunner, Jesus, has entered on our behalf. He has become a high priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek.”  Hebrews 6:19, 20

CC Anchor 2

Have you ever heard or sung this song?

I have journeyed
Through the long, dark night
Out on the open sea

By faith alone
Sight unknown
And yet His eyes were watching me

The anchor holds
Though the ship is battered
The anchor holds
Though the sails are torn

I have fallen on my knees
As I faced the raging seas
The anchor holds
In spite of the storm

I’ve had visions
I’ve had dreams
I’ve even held them in my hand

But I never knew
They would slip right through
Like they were only grains of sand

The anchor holds
Though the ship is battered
The anchor holds
Though the sails are torn

I have fallen on my knees
As I faced the raging seas
The anchor holds
In spite of the storm

I have been young
But I am older now
And there has been beauty
That these eyes have seen

But it was in the night
Through the storms of my life
Oh, that’s where God proved
His love to me

CC Anchor

The anchor holds
Though the ship is battered
The anchor holds
Though the sails are torn

I have fallen on my knees
As I faced the raging seas
The anchor holds
In spite of the storm

Ray Boltz

CC Cross on Keaton Beach

This Easter, I pray the anchor holds.

Finished bEdROom!

posted by Chelsea

When we first moved into this house (nearly 3 years ago ALREADY!), I emailed Charlotte pictures of the inside of the house and “showed” her our new space.  She encouraged me and said, “Eventually you’ll make the space work for you.”  As I’ve been plugging away re-doing, re-organizing, and otherwise re-situating the girls’ room, I’ve been hearing her words in the back of my mind and I’ve re-encouraged myself, “You’re making the space work for you! Stick with it!”

Anyway, now that the project is complete, I can’t even tell you how happy I am to have an organized space for the girls.  EVERYTHING in their room has a place to live!  And they can put everything where it goes!  YIPEE!!!!!  As I may (or may not) have said several times already… I’m so proud of myself I can hardly stand it. :-)

I wish I had better before pictures.  I can’t seem to find any that really show the old situation.  This picture…

girls room

…is VERY old. It’s pre-bunkbed, but at least shows you the old color, Easter Egg.

The new color is called Peony and we’re in love with it.  The booshelves are new as well as the clothing rods in between.  In addition, the green baskets are new as is the laundry hamper under the clothes…

girls room 001

On the other wall, in a nook behind the bunkbeds, I moved in my old desk (technically speaking it was my great grandmother’s old desk!)…

girls room 006

…where the girls have been crafting up a storm, actually several storms.  Storms which are wonderful on many levels: I love when they craft.  Even more, I love when their crafting mess is in their room.  And their crafting mess can be PUT AWAY.  The drawers are full of all of their crafting supplies, games, and such.  LOVE!

And filling up the remaining space, in a new (and improved!) location, the bunkbeds…

girls room 009

Besides touching up some of the white trim and picking up a few more hangers, this project is complete!  In case I haven’t said it yet…. YIPEE!!


People at the Foot of the Cross ~ A Couple

posted by Donna

Two lovers pressed together, reminiscing about events past and present.

“It seems like just yesterday His mother was asking if He could accompany her.”

“That was 3 years ago, honey, but we’ll be forever indebted to Him for that day.”

“Yes, my parents were frantic with worry when we ran out of wine.”

“I remember. But He was so calm while everyone rushed around trying to figure out what to do.”

“His mother knew He was the Man for the job.”

“People still talk about the best wine they ever tasted at our wedding. Thanks to Jesus.”

The couples’ heads moved in unison to gaze at the top of the cross, and each whispered a fervent prayer for the Friend who hung there.

John 2:1-11

Branding Week One

posted by Charlotte

Spring Break joy.

Brandings are his favorite thing.

Happy to be back on a horse.

Elders getting along … does my heart good.

Younger’s new steed.  He’s so proud not to have anyone lead him.

Love this man with my whole heart.  So glad he’s my man.

How about this horse’s name:  One Long Sock.  :)

Have a great week!


posted by Donna

Because You agreed to leave Your home in heaven where no one was hurting and no one was crying or dying; where You and our Father have prepared it for all who choose to follow You.

Because You entered a cold and hurting, crying, dying world where Your parents were obedient to our Father’s voice.

Because You grew up in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man.

Because You understood that Your purpose was to help others understand the will of the Father and to love Him like You do.

Because many chose to put their faith and trust in You seeing the many miracles You performed and  hearing the wise words You spoke.

Because You knew by going to Jerusalem that fated day, the authorities would bind You and begin a process too painful for anyone to survive.

Because You barely walked the weighted, weary, ever-worsening steps uphill to Calvary, but You did.

Because Roman hammers pounded the thick, crude nails through Your hands and Your feet into rough-hewn posts of wood.

Because the ground shook, the world went dark, the veil tore, the jeering crowd left, the silence deafened, the final words were spoken, the life ebbed from You.

Because Friday and Saturday passed and Sunday arrived and so did the women ………to an  empty grave.

Because You rose victorious…..

we celebrate Easter.

Winter Elsewhere ~ Rainbow Springs

One of my favorite things in all the world is waterfalls. When we return to Idaho, we like to take drives along a road on a mountainside that the county stops plowing after 5 or 6 miles. But before we arrived at the 6+ foot wall of snow, along the way, one time I counted 44 waterfalls of varying sizes when the snow began to melt in May.

Welcome back ta Florida! Please join me at Rainbow Springs State Park, west of Ocala but you must leave the snow behind. We revisited this ultra delightful spot this week and although I never intended to write about it, I cannot resist sharing this great place with you. Upon arrival, there is nothing to intimate what you are about to experience.

It’s a long walk to the visitors center but along the way,

CC RSSP still another falls

the first waterfall beckons you in, the initial clue to greater things.

The small visitors center/museum/dining area/retail center stands on a steep hill overlooking this unique habitat reflected in the most crystal clear waters you’re ever likely to see deep in the woods of Florida.

CC RSSP swim

You are surrounded by upland mixed forests of oaks, longleaf pines, and hydric hammocks (Come on now, this should jog your memory: a hammock here is not strung between two trees for napping.  A hammock to a Floridian is a heavenly canopy of huge trees covering high above your head that provides welcome shade and a most appealing ceiling!). And, too, the magnolias, dogwood, and cypress were all in full bloom,

CC RSSP single flower

not to mention red maples, sabal,

CC RSSP tall palm

hemlock, and hickory trees and whatever precious blossom this is (above).

We didn’t make it very far before we sat on the first park bench we found, overlooking the mysterious pool below (Doesn’t it look like home to a dozen gators?).

CC RSSP bent tree

That’s when I spotted this interesting little gem,

CC RSSP pinecones

pine cone-looking things growing out of this plant, like mushrooms.The azaleas had mostly gone by but you could imagine how lovely they’d been just two weeks ago and they are still in bloom outside our Florida room at home and around town.

After warming ourselves like this Geico gecko,

CC RSSP gecko use

we moseyed along the quiet, secluded paths, encountering signs like this

CC RSSP Rainbow sign

and waterfalls like this.

CC RSSP waterfalls

During much of the 20th century, the main draw to Rainbow Springs was an amusement park with rides and a rodeo and other attractions like an unusual leaf-shaped monorail that went right through the upper reaches of the treetops. But by far the biggest attraction was a ride in a “submarine boat” with windows below the water line so everyone could marvel at the sea life. Developers even changed the name from just plain old “Blue Springs” in the 1930’s to its present identity.

That was in the days before the completion of the interstate highway system diverted traffic from roads such as U.S. Highway 41, steering would-be visitors away from attractions like Rainbow Springs and on their way to newer and larger destinations like Orlando. The diminishing traffic proved fatal to many well known Florida attractions and they were eventually forced to close their doors. Rainbow Springs was among them.

But as late as 1968 animal shows were added, along with an aviary, a paddlewheel riverboat, newly air-conditioned submarine boats, and a rodeo demonstration ring.

For a time it looked like the springs would be completely built up, with the entire area and springs turned into one big waterfront housing development. But, under pressure from local citizens who wanted to preserve the springs, the State of Florida finally bought the former park in 1990, with some help from Marion County. It is run mostly by volunteers and much of its original natural beauty has been restored as evidenced here.

CC RSSP falls

There’s even a butterfly garden and kayak/canoe rentals

CC RSSP kayakers

so you can check out the river south of the park.

Those changes are fortunate for us. My ace photographer


likes to capture the little things, like fish playing in a pool with the springs bubbling up in the sand below them

CC RSSP sand bubbles

and the understated but no less extraordinary sights

CC RSSP tree trunk

that accent the forest with character and mystery and grandeur.

CC RSSP palm frond


posted by Chelsea

Having thrown on his coveralls, my husband just ran out the door  to help a friend of ours, a friend who just called completely out of breath from chasing a calving-cow, one with “an upside-down hoof” sticking out.  Considering the context of the current situation, I’d like to talk about a couple of times when Buck has shown “knight-like” (as in knight-in-shining-armor-like) behavior.  Right now, he’s being a “knight” for our friend, but usually he’s mine… and well, as you shall soon see, now he’s one for our girls as well.

Last year, about this time, Buck needed to be gone on a weed spraying contract.  It was an early contract, one he wouldn’t normally take, but we were desperate needing the money and so he decided he’d go ahead and take the job.  He fed cows as early as he could in the morning and then set off for a day of spraying.  These weeds, like most that he sprays, were in a far off land, far from any cell phone service.  He asked me to check cows at least a couple of times during the day.  Of course, I agreed.  Not having had many calving problems, we never discussed a plan should I encounter any, but we just agreed that I’d check on them.  Keep in mind that I was 7 (going on 15) months pregnant.

The girls and I checked cows a couple of times and on the second check I made note of cow with her water bag out.  We thought we’d give her some time and so we drove down to the nearest town and bought smoothies.  It was the right thing to do- we had time to kill and what better way to kill it?  We bought our smoothies and drove back to the cows.  The soon-to-be-mama-cow had progressed to a couple of hooves sticking out.  We decided to give her a little more time and so we went up to the barn and drank our smoothies.  By the time we finished, quite a bit of time had gone by.  Hoping to find the cow with a calf by her side, we were disappointed to find her in the same position- two hooves still sticking out.  This was not good.  This was not good at all.  I tried to call Buck.  No luck.  I decided I’d try to get the cow into the corrals and so as to not waste time I’d call for back-up in route.  The girls and I, along with my 15 month 7 month belly loaded on the 4-wheeler and set off to the far end of the pasture to push the cow up to the barnyard.  I started making calls for back-up.  It seemed no-one was in cell range.  I left messages, “This is Chelsea.  Buck’s out of cell range and I need to get a cow in.  If you get this message could you please call me back or just show up? I really need some help!”  No one answered. No one called.  And more importantly, no one showed up.   I was in a real pickle.  The cow was exhausted.  We slowly pushed her up the field towards the corrals.  She was hurting with every step.  She was still trying to push her calf out and I was relating far too much to every bit of pain she was feeling.  I started to wonder what in the heck I was going to do with her once I got her to the corrals.  I was in no position to be pulling a calf.  Often times it takes every bit of Buck’s strength to pull a big calf, I was pregnant and had 2 little kids at my side.  I made more phone calls.  It seemed everyone who could possibly be of any help to me was out of cell range.  We made it about half way up the pasture when the cow started to quit walking.  I didn’t want to push her too hard- knowing she was exhausted.  I started to feel a little panic set-in.  To be honest, I’m starting to feel it again as I type.  I said to the girls, “I’m going to try to call Daddy one more time and I’ll at least leave a message so he’ll head this way just as soon as he gets into cell range.”  At the ripe old ages of 3 and 5, they agreed with my plan.  I called.  And after several rings I heard his blessed voice and NOT the recorded version on his voicemail, “Hello?” he said.  Relief washed over me “Oh thank God!”  He ran out of chemical and had to get back to town in time to buy more.  He was about 10 minutes away.  I watched in relief as the pickup came rolling in,

EMKs phone pics 1011

and then I watched my knight rope the cow by a hind leg, tie her off to the truck and then pull out a big ol’ honkin’ bull calf.  The mama cow bellered out a big ol’ sigh of relief and quickly turned to love on her calf and as for me, I was saved by my knight in shining goopy dirty Wranglers.

Next installment: Buck makes a very knight-like appearance for our little Kate.  Stay tuned. :-)





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