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Links, Questions, and Stuff

posted by Chelsea

I’d like to leave you for the weekend with some links and in some cases, questions.

We made THESE “energy bites” this week and think they’re DE-LI-CIOUS (and also quite easy!)

I love this blog: A Holy Experience.  I love the music that plays in the background. Sometimes, when the house is quiet (ie: children are asleep) I go to the blog and leave it on just so the music plays in my kitchen. It quiets my mind and combined with the hum of the dishwasher, it makes me feel like my house is clean.  It’s miracle music. Could someone help me out and tell me what it is so I can find a CD?  Emily Dante? Somebody, please!

I am on a mission to make the world’s best homemade caramels. I haven’t started yet, but it’s one of my goals before Christmas.  I’m going to start with THESE.

My friend, T, seen here in our lake triathlon a couple of weekends ago:

Tamarah Triathlon 030

has been keeping me accountable to workout.  She’s been challenging me with Cross Fit’s Workout of the Day (WOD).  You should join us.  You’ll do so many pushups you won’t be able to lift up your children- it’ll be great- promise.

If you’re a mom needing a little encouragement you should READ THIS.  It’s super encouraging and a great perspective.

Lucy started soccer.  I can’t tell you how much fun it is..

soccer 021

I always loved playing sports, but I think watching my kids play is going to be even more fun! And if you read the article above you’ll know what I mean when I say Kairos! to watching my girls learn to play soccer!

Have a great weekend.



A Little DIY On The Fly

posted by Chelsea

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it, but we have a small house.  It’s a great place, but it’s small.  I’ve managed to find nooks and crannies for just about everything we need, but tried not to clutter the place either.  Nestled into a nook in the kitchen is the girls “tiny” table (as Kate refers to it)…

table 002
(That’s not the kitchen- that’s our yard. I’ll show you the nook in a minute!)

My parents gifted us this table and chairs pre-Kate.  It’s a great little set and we use it on a regular basis- hourly, actually.  But the table has been so well loved that it’s been drawn on…

table 003

and paint has chipped on the chairs.  And no one under the age of five can remember to leave the red chair- the one that matches my red accented kitchen- where you can see it from the kitchen entryway!  Have they no decency?!

So… pinterest inspired me to get to work and DIY the little set!  So… I found myself a “bess helper” (as Kate describes herself)…

table 007

..and get to work.

First, we slathered on a coat of primer…

table 005

The primer was an important step because the original stuff was pretty slickery.  I know it would have taken several coats of the real deal if I hadn’t primed.  Just FYI on the DIY ;-)

Then we painted everything white.  The chairs…

table 008

And the table…

table 009

Then, hang onto your seats! The best is coming! The icing is going on the cake! Chalkboard paint on the top…

table 010

Now wrting is ALLOWED on the table!

And here it is in the nook…

table 014


We’re Not Positive

posted by Chelsea

When they were babies, Buck was the first one to make both of our girls laugh.  He could get a little belly giggle out of both of them better than anyone…and probably still can.  It’s tough telling because making them giggle is not exactly a difficult task these days…  in fact, a giggling scream echos in my ears at all times.

When Cooper was born, I think we all kind of just expected that Buck would make him laugh first, just like the girls.  Turns out Lucy had the magic touch.  The rest of us kept trying to get a giggle out of him, but apparently he  thought Lucy was the funny one.  We even tried doing the same things she did…  I even “caught” Buck a few times singing “She’ll be comin’ around the mountain” in a high pitched little girl voice and replicating the exact movements Lucy made.  No luck.  That, of course, was several weeks ago because now Cooper laughs for all of us and we all love it.

All of that to say this… we’re not positive…

tractor 002

but we’re pretty sure…

tractor 005

Cooper thinks his big sisters…

tractor 003

are pretty great.


posted by Chelsea

I’ve been on the hunt… not for animals like other folks this time of year, but for the perfect granola bar recipe.  I love granola bars.  I hate buying them.  So…  I browsed pinterest, I browsed food blogs and I googled. And somewhere along the way, I found a few recipes to try.  But alas, I can’t seem to follow a recipe without thinking of ways to change it. So, I made up a new “recipe” and I’m quite delighted with the results.  I only baked them half-way.  When I was half-way through baking Buck called with a broken hydraulic hose on the tractor.  He needed me to come pick him up and get him to town before the parts store closed for the weekend.  I ended up liked the accidental half-baked version and suggest you do the same.  I also suggest that you aid me in my efforts to get hydraulic fluid out of Buck’s clothes.  Actually, the whole thing made me glad I’m not married to a mechanic.  I’ll clean cow goobers over tractor grease anyday.  Lets forget I said that and move on to the granola bars.

Here’s the best combination I’ve found:

3 cups of peanut butter
1/2 cup honey
1 cup butter
(Melt those together on the stovetop.)

In another bowl, mix:
8 cups old fashioned oats
1 cup ground flax
1 cup wheat germ
1/2 cup brown sugar

sunflower seeds
mini-dark chocolate chips
peanut butter chips
pumpkin seeds
dried fruit

When the peanut butter mixture is melted and blended together without clumps, take it off the stove and pour it over your dry ingredients bowl…

granola 021

Mix it all together with a big wooden spoon (and your hands if necessary).  Once the dry ingredients are saturated with the wet, press it down into wax paper covered 9×13 pans (I used 2.5 pans)…

granola 023

Bake at 350 degrees for 12-14 minutes.  Should look un-done… not browned, kind of shimmery and moist-ish.  Technical here, I know.  Remove from oven and let them cool- I even put mine in the fridge for awhile.  Cut into granola bar sized pieces…

granola 024

… and pour the rest into a ziploc bag and call it granola!

If you like peanut butter, these, my friends, are the bomb.


(Stuffed) Peppers!!!!!

posted by Robyn

This spring, in my itty bitty garden, I planted 4 bell pepper plants.  As the winter kept trying to hang on, it frosted and killed them.  I even covered them up, but it was just too cold.  My mom got me 8 more plants to replace the dead ones.  Wait a minute…..8?  Ok now I knew I couldn’t let them die.  Well they didn’t and now there are peppers everywhere!  I’ve picked them by the grocery bags and unfortunately  you can only give so many away.  So I decided to make stuffed peppers.  There were so many that I ended up freezing them.  They make an easy lunch when you’re busy, you can just take a couple out of the freezer and pop them in the microwave.

I will share the recipe with you just in case anyone has the same pepper problem I did.  It’s easy and very tasty.  (note: I will write the original recipe, as you can see my batch was much bigger)


Take 6 medium peppers, clean and half them.  Blanch them in boiling water, drain and place in a 13×9 pan.  Sprinkle with salt.

Peppers 001


Brown 1lb. hamburger , 1/3 cup chopped onion, and a clove of garlic or teaspoon minced garlic.   Season with salt or any other seasoning you would prefer.  I like to use garlic salt and onion powder and maybe some black pepper.  Add 1 lb can of tomatoes, 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup long grain rice, and 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce.  Cover and simmer til rice is tender, about 15 min.

Peppers 002


Fill pepper halves and top with slices of cheddar cheese or any kind of cheese.  Bake uncovered at 350 for 20 min.

Peppers 003


Hope you enjoy :)

A Great Description

posted by Chelsea

Our youngest daughter, our middle child, our sweet little blue-eyed monkey…

McCall 2012 077

… is a real nut. She says really finny things and can talk her way into or out of just about anything.  She loves sincerely and shares amazingly.  We think she’s pretty awesome.

Last week, Buck was gone overnight.  Kate wandered into our room in the wee hours of the morning wanting to know when we could wake up.  Rather than take her back to her bed I invited her to snuggle in with me.  She gladly crawled right in.  I thought she fell right to sleep, but knew otherwise when she piped up, “Mama?”  “Yes?” I responded.  It seems her foot had fallen asleep…. “My foot has tiny polka dots all over it and they’re stinging me!”

Isn’t that a great description?!


posted by Chelsea

Happy Tuesday to you.  I’m not sure what happened to Monday, but here it is Tuesday and I think I’m ready to start the week now.

I want to share a couple of things with you this morning.  The first one should be pinterest because it’s my new fascination in life.  I’m planning our house for a future remodel and pinterest has helped my mental pictures come to real life.  It’s also helped me plan some meals I’d like to try.  One of those meals I’m going to make this very morning: BAKED OATMEAL.  I may have mentioned to you before that I while I’d really like to, I don’t like oatmeal.  This recipe looks more like muffins, though, and if all else fails my children like oatmeal and they’ll eat it. I’ll have yogurt– my back-up plan in life.

Now, completely unrelated, I’d like to give you a link to a letter practicing site (think pre-school), one my sister-in-law showed me a couple of years ago and I’m still using it.  Here it is:


It’s a great site for learning a preschool age child learning to use the computer and also letters.

And finally, it’s fall here.  I took this picture two years ago yesterday and since it’s perfectly fitting for each and every year about this time, here it is again:

vivid 089

While we were in Idaho last weekend we went into a super cute little coffee shop called The Yellow Mug. Inside there were framed pictures of fall leaves on the walls. They were all super bright and obviously photo-shopped, but for some reason I LOVED them. It made me want a photo-shopped leaf picture on my wall. I think I’ll brighten this one up- making it look totally fake and hang it on my wall. And I’ll buy a yellow mug to drink coffee out of.

Happy Tuesday.


posted by Chelsea

I grew up around hunting.  Then I married a hunter…


I’m not a hunter.  I don’t want to be one.  But the hunter man that I married likes camoflauge.  In fact, he likes it so much that he wouldn’t mind if I used camo to decorate our home.  Have you seen camo bedding from Cabela’s (or elsewhere)?  My girls point it out and they know, “Daddy thinks that’s cool!  Mommy doesn’t!”  I’m not really “into” camo– it serves a hiding purpose out in the wilderness and that about covers it.  I have no need to hide in the wilderness therefore I have no need for camo.

That said, we have been gifted several camoflauge outfits for Cooper.  When I saw camo outfits after the girls were born I couldn’t imagine owning one for my own child.  That is, until I put one on our little man.  Camo, my friends, has never looked so good…

camo 009

I’m completely smitten with my baby in camo!  Watch out- next thing you know I’ll be decorating with it!


posted by Chelsea

So if you tried checking in earlier this week you may have noticed that CC wasn’t here… I’m not too sure where we were, but thankfully Jen, our trusty web designer, was able to fix us right back into internet existence!

It’s been a crazy week around here and I have much to report on… including a trip  “home” to Idaho  (it’s been a whole year since I was there!).

While we were there, we snuck in lots of grandparent time…

McCall 2012 123

And the girls got in some very important cousin time…

McCall 2012 079

As did the boys…

McCall 2012 146

Hank, the vivacious 2 year old, is in no way being forced into this picture.  He totally…

McCall 2012 142


McCall 2012 143

to be…

McCall 2012 149

nowhere near the photo shoot! :-)

In other news, my dear old friend, Amy

McCall 2012 054

… married Richard.  And their wedding was a blast– we saw lots of old friends there! And we danced and visited and had so! much! fun!

Also included in the weekend was a very important Lemonade stand…

McCall 2012 004

It was so important that a fire truck and an ambulance showed up!  Complete with a crew….

McCall 2012 018

… all of whom were willing to buy several cups of lemonade! We have no idea how such important folks showed up, except a possible tip from this guy…

McCall 2012 009

…we’re not sure, but lets just say we’re highly suspicious.

To sum it all up, it was a great weekend, complete with family, friends and most importantly… my mama’s cookin’.  Amen.

First Day Jitters

posted by Chelsea

Lucy started Kindergarten last week.  She’d been looking forward to the day for many many moons and when it finally came the girl could hardly contain her excitement.

kindergarten 032

I kept asking her if she was nervous– even just a little bit?!  She’s proudly respond, “Not even a little bit!”  And I’d tell her I was feeling a little nervous…. and she would laugh.

Kate, her biggest fan, kept reminding her that she was “going to stool today!!”  When we brought her to  her classroom I noticed my hands were a little shakey.  I did feel a little nervous, but I was surprised I was shaking.  Pull it together, I thought to myself.  I wasn’t sad- my biggest girl was so excited and so ready I didn’t have much to be sad about.

Anyhoo, she waved goodbye with utter confidence and assurance, sitting proudly in her little desk.  The two littles and I headed for the grocery store.  I picked out what I needed and noticed my hands- still shaking?!  I’m more nervous than I thought, I thought to myself.

We headed home with our groceries and once, again, I found myself surprised at my still shakey hands.  Then it all hit me.  I had exercised in the morning, drank two cups of coffee, then been so focused on getting Lucy to school that I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast.

So… I had a bite to eat and voila! my “nerves” were gone!  And as for Miss Lucy- she never showed a sign of being nervous, not even once.


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