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For our family, so far, the year 2012 has proved to be a year of milestones.

Family photo

Although these are milestones that are common to man, they become special when they happen in your own family.

Here is a sample of the milestones we are currently celebrating:

~Emma’s new big ¬†teeth~


~Bunkbeds instead of cribs and toddler beds~
~Blaine is a teenager~


~Cole is catching up with Dad AND he’s driving!~


~Sam is the newest member of the  lawn patrol~


~ We are 2o years and counting!~





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  1. holy moly! Make the time slow down! Congrats to ALL of those milestones! When did Cole grow so tall? Happens when we don’t get to see you but once in a blue moon. We’ll be celebrating 11 years tomorrow! Congrats on 20 :) Sure wish I could hop on over and visit for a bit. Give Ryan a hug for me.

    • Thanks Robin. Congrat on 11 yrs ~ really!!??? Makin’ me feel OLD! :-)
      Will hug Ry for you. :-)

  2. LOVE this post– wonderful milestones and wonderful family. Great family picture, too!

  3. I smiled the whole way through this post! It’s no ordinary feat to meet ALL these milestones “together” these days… Congratulations!!

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