Lights Out

by Charlotte

I told you about my light spray painting frenzy here, but I haven’t mentioned my chandeliers too much. 

The house came with two of these beauties.

One had eight arms and the other had five.

I sold them – or rather my mom sold them for me way back in September.  I went without any light in the dining room until November when I hosted Thanksgiving.  I put up an ugly one from the entry way just so I would have light.

I put this one from Lowe’s in the entry way.

In the mean time I searched for a light that I liked in my price range.  This week I found this. . .

– for less than I sold the other beauty. 

Yay for patience.  :)


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  1. very nice! i’m so impressed with your light hanging skillz! :)

  2. Worth the wait. I like it very much. And the buyer is happy with the chandeliers! Win/win

  3. I like it! Looks great, I’d hang it in my house :)

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