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Ranch House Kitchen

by Charlotte

I am mulling around the idea of doing something with my kitchen.  It won’t be anything big because I am on a strict budget, but I want it to be grand.

Pinned Image


Here’s the thing; my style is not in style or even really a style.  It is not country.  Or even French Country.  It is not farmhouse, but close.  It is not Italian which used to be quite big, but is fading out fast.  It is what I’m going to call ranch house.  It has a little bit of Bonanza, a little bit of Lonesome Dove, a little bit of Under the Tuscan Sun, a little bit of McClintock, a little bit of Legends of the Fall, and a little bit of me.  (Okay, Under the Tuscan Sun doesn’t have a ranch in it, not even once, but I love the feel of the house in that movie.)   And because my style isn’t a style, I am having a really hard time getting ideas for what I want.  I’ve checked out the above movies and the kitchens are all dark and completely wood.  I love wood, but I don’t want a dark kitchen.  The farmhouse style has wood, but it is painted white.  I think white is beautiful, but white and my household are at odds with one another at all times.

Pinned Image

(I could not find the source for this photo.  It said it was uploaded by the user and it was first pinned by Alaina Kaczmarski)

I am inspired though.  I am inspired to try to forge my way through uncharted waters and find out what my kitchen will look like.  I am inspired by Traci at Beneath My Heart, who took the bull – or rather the kitchen – by the horns and turned it into something beautiful when it really wasn’t anthing special.  I am inspired to think beyond the usual and come up with something  grand.

kitchen 004

(Source:  This  is Traci’s new kitchen and the budget breakdown post.)

I thought I would share some of the photos I’ve found on pinterest that have gotten me started thinking along different lines than just what colors I want to paint what I already have.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have to work with what I already have, I’m just going to be a little more brave (hopefully) in what I do with it.

I love the feel of the kitchen below.  I don’t want my kitchen to be exactly like it, but something about it speaks to me.

Pinned Image


I love wood floors.  I love everything about them.  Unfortunately I don’t have them and probably won’t get them.  But a girl can dream, right?

Pinned Image


For the first time in my decorating career (ha), I’m thinking about details such as this spice rack

Pinned Image

(Source: Homemade Happy)

and the brackets for these shelves.

Pinned Image

(Source: WDWS Design Trends)

That’s all I’ve got for now.  If I ever get brave enough to do something – you all will be the first to see it.  :)

The Not-So-Little-Wo-Man In The Pecking Order

posted by Chelsea

There’s an interesting phenomenon occuring in our horse herd.  Our biggest, strongest, nearly youngest horse, Rose…

candles and cows 029

… has somehow managed to find herself on the bottom of the pecking order amongst our other horses.

I understand Blue Boots eating by himself…

candles and cows 034

… he’s little and meak and weak- I mean, in comparison to the rest of the crew.

BUT Rose?!  She can out work, out pull, out walk, out run, plain ol’ out do any other horse on our place.  And yet, she lets these guys….

candles and cows 032

… push her around.  She has to sneak in…

candles and cows 037

for a bite to eat, and if one the of other’s come over she practically runs out of their way.

candles and cows 031

When I throw hay to the herd, I say “Rose?! Seriously?! You’re going to let Pard…

candles and cows 036

intimidate you?!  He’s old! And gimpy!  While it’s polite to let the old guy eat- you really shouldn’t RUN out of his way like that!”

Rose doesn’t listen to me.

candles and cows 033

I’m not sure how to get through to her.

First Calf

posted by Chelsea

This last weekend we had our first calf– a month early thanks to a fence-jumping bull.  I wanted to show you the cuteness, but his mom wasn’t too thrilled about me capturing the cuteness. So, sorry for the rear-end shot….

january 009

… but it was the best I could do :-)

We have a few more weeks before the rest of the cows start calving, but I enjoyed the preview and I hope you did too ;-)

Cream Rises 22

posted by Donna

Now I lay me down to sleep.  I pray the Lord my soul to keep.  If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.

Do you remember this childhood rhyme?  It was often taught as a bedtime prayer.  Many of you young moms have established bedtime routines.  I like that.  I wish all children had them.  And I wish all routines included cuddling and talking about the day, successes, failures, favorite thing, least favorite thing, and reading a book.  And finally, prayers.  Including the Almighty in the recap of a busy day, asking Him to be with you and your loved ones.

Psalm 4:4 says: “Be angry and do not sin; on your bed, reflect in your heart and be still.”

So you see, you can tell your children our Heavenly Father thinks of everything, even what’s best for us at bedtime.

Christmas Eve 2011








Please feel free, CC readers, to post your favorite bedtime routines to share with others.


Lights Out

by Charlotte

I told you about my light spray painting frenzy here, but I haven’t mentioned my chandeliers too much. 

The house came with two of these beauties.

One had eight arms and the other had five.

I sold them – or rather my mom sold them for me way back in September.  I went without any light in the dining room until November when I hosted Thanksgiving.  I put up an ugly one from the entry way just so I would have light.

I put this one from Lowe’s in the entry way.

In the mean time I searched for a light that I liked in my price range.  This week I found this. . .

– for less than I sold the other beauty. 

Yay for patience.  :)


Wee Lad

By Charlotte

This is my wee lad.

He turns three today.

His birthday brings back many emotions, but mostly gratitude.

You see, three years ago today I was laying on the operating table after an emergency C-section listening for a baby’s cry.  The cry wasn’t coming.  I could hear a lot of commotion from the table where they had taken my boy, but I couldn’t hear a sound from him.  I prayed, “Please, God, let this cup pass from me.  But not my will.  Your will be done.”  I prayed this over and over.  Hoping that I would soon hear a baby’s cry, but knowing that if I didn’t the Lord would walk me through my grief. 

Finally, the cry came and soon the nurses brought my big boy (over 10 pounds) to me.  I looked at him and thought, “That is the ugliest baby I have ever seen, but I love him and I thank God for giving him to me.”  (By the time we took the above photo the swelling had gone down some in his face and he was much more handsome than when I first saw him.)

Happy Birthday, wee lad.


One Thousand Posts!!!

posted mostly by Charlotte who gets 98% credit… and Chelsea chimed in at the last minute after all the real work was done.

This is the 1000th post we’ve published here at Cowgirl Clippings!!!

We would have loved it if we could have done a huge give away, but our budget won’t allow it.  We talked about a little give away, but we really aren’t too focused on give aways here at CC.  We are more about sharing our lives and our love of Jesus.

So for the 1000th post I thought I (Charlotte) would sum up what we’ve said.  We love Jesus, we love our husbands, we love our kids, and our life is full of doing our best to serve these people while trying to make our homes a welcoming place, and all the while enjoying our beautiful surroundings in the great West!  Gosh we could have said all that in one post.  :)

So, thank you!! for reading and letting us share our lives with you.  May you be encouraged, know that you are not alone, get a glimpse of our wild and wooley western lives, and, of course, find a few chuckles along the way!

That said, we would like to leave you with what we think are a few of our top ten-ish people photos – in no particular order.

Kate & her daddy

hermiston 203

big sheep branding 2010 085




Elsie 098_

And our top ten-ish non-people photos – again in no particular order.



Hope you have a wonderful day- thanks for hanging out with us here at Cowgirl Clippings!!

Cream Rises 21

posted by Donna

Psalm 8:1

Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Your name throughout the earth!

Arabic ~  f l . <<I’ ” E ^/   I ” E /

Cambodian and Chinese  ~ (beautiful script  not found on my keyboard OR yours)

Danish ~ Jesus af Nazarets ord

German ~  Die Wort Jesu  Jesus von Nazareth

Hindi ~ not found

Italian ~  La Parola Di Gesudi Nazareth

Mexican ~  Jesucristo

Portuguese  ~ Jesus de Nazare

Romanian ~ Cuvintele Luitsus Din Nazaret

Russian ~ C^OBA  NNCYCA  N3  HA3APETA (picture N’s backwards)

Serbian ~  Isusa Iz Nazareta Reci

Swedish ~ Jesu Ord

Turkish  ~ QNSQY

Vietnamese  ~ LOCI  CUUA  GIEAXU  NGOOOI  NAXAREUT (picture many more accents and marks)

Psalm 8:9

Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Your name throughout the earth!


Dios Te Bendiga ~ God Bless You!


A Crafty Cowboy

posted by Chelsea

The girls received some new craft supplies for Christmas (thank you Grammy!).   Their previous love for crafts has only grown since the arrival of the new crafting materials and “craft time” has become a somewhat regular part of our lives.  While I enjoy creating with the girls, their daddy  isn’t particularly fond of participating in our crafts.  I know- shocking, isn’t it?  I recall a picture in THIS POST of how much he enjoys family craft time, in case you need reminding.

That said, before Christmas, Buck heard about an idea for making little matchstick holders and decided to make a few for me and a few for gifts.    A small canning jar, with sandpaper glued to the top (for striking) and matches filling the inside….

january 006

january 004

They were simple, but a step in the crafting direction.  A step that I think created an inner desire to bring out his crafting side… a desire to create and use cute little crafting supplies.

I think this not on my own accord, I think this because I came home from work this weekend and he not only admitted to having “craft time” with the girls, but had a surprise for me…

january 011

… a handmade crazy eyed cowboy.  The body is a clothes pin.  The boots, rope, glove and hat are all cut out of a material scrap.  The buckle is a jewel- (one that Lucy said he could use), and the flower, he said, was just for me!

I’m not sure what got into my cowboy, but I think I like it :-)

My Grandpa’s Stories

by Charlotte

This is the book from 3rd grade that I spoke about in this post.

My Grandpa’s Stories

My grandpa told me all the stories at the table.  I remember his wrinkled face, white hair, bent fingers, older, not-clear voice, his bent back and his bowed legs.

He almost always wore a red and white plaid shirt and Levis.  (I don’t remember that about him.)  He always wore cowboy boots and a funny old hat with holes in it.

He was the captain of the ranch and he owned almost all of the ranch.  He loved to work and brag about his age.

He also like to do things with me, like riding and feeding the little bulls.  He wouldn’t let my brothers hurt me.  (As if this was their goal in life.  :) )

My grandpa was born August 20, 1902, and got killed July 24, 1980.  My grandpa was killed by a tractor last year and all I have to say is he died doing what he loved – – working.

My grandpa’s name was William Henry.  These are the stories he told me.

My grandpa’s ranch has 22.740 acres.  It is located in Sybile Cnayon in southwestern Albany County.  His father settled here because of the springs which provide water all year around.  It was incorporated about 1939 as the Indian Guide Company.  It was called Indian Guide because of a peak that the Indians used for a lookout.

My grandpa said that he was mowing alfalfa at the DMO (I don’t remember where the DMO was or anything about it.)  A rattle snake crawled on the double tree, (part of the wagon that the horses are hooked to) then onto the tongue.  My grandpa said, “If your [sic] getting on I’m getting off.”  Then Grandpa crawled off the mower.

My grandpa said that they were driving cows to winter at Hawk Springs (Don’t know where that is either).  They had a place to camp.  It cost 20 dollars.

Later that evening two strangers came to camp.  When they came to the camp, Mark, a man helping, went out to see what was going on.  The strangers told Mark that he had to get the cows out of the pasture.  Then my grandpa came out to see what was going on.  Then Chuck (one of my grandpa’s brothers) came out to see what was going on.  t[sic]hen Fritz (an other brother) came out to see what was happening.  The strangers left because the men kept getting bigger all the time.  Mark was only about five feet six inches.  But my grandpa was six feet four inches.  And Chuck was six feet six inches.  And Fritz was six feet eight inches.    (The way I remember the story is that the strangers actually mentioned that they didn’t want to see anyone bigger than Fritz before they left.)

(Do you see the men running away in the bottom right corner?)

When my grandpa was a little boy he hear a wolf.  So he hid where he thought he would be safe.  Later his family looked for him to send him to bed.  They couldn’t find him.  They looked and looked.  Finally, they found him.  He was hiding under a lamp table that had a long table cloth that come[sic] to the floor.

My grandpa said the[sic] his dad was driving a team home from Iron Mountain.  The team balked by a reservoir.

Prince, one of the lead team horses, threw himself in the spillway of the reservoir.  John A. (my grandpa’s dad crwled out on the lead bars and held the horse’s head under water until Prince got up.  Then the team pulled the wagon across the spillway of the reservoir.  (I’ve encountered some confusion about this story by people who have read it recently.  The horse willingly threw himself down in a fit.  John A. held is head in the water as punishment until he decided that cooperating would be a good idea.)

My grandpa said that they were driving heifers out of the DMO.  A neighbor’s bull was in the DMO.  They tried to run the bull out.  But the bull kept running down the fence.  They tried to turn the bull, but the bull wouldn’t turn.  They couldn’t get the bull out of the DMO.  Then finally Fritz tried to turn the bull on Silver Lady.  Again the bull ran down the fence.  Fritz ran after teh bull.  My grandpa said, “Hang it on him.”  So Fritz roped the bull.  Then the bull slid as Silver Lady ran by.  Then the bull floated for about twenty feet on the meadow.  Then when they turned the bull loose he was easy to drive.

One day Grandpa was lying on his bed reading the newpaper.  I came in and said, “Let’s eat, Grandpa.”  He said, “Aren’t I a little too tough to eat?”  The we went and ate.

Uncle John G. (my grandpa’s brother) and Grandpa were getting a load of hay with a team and wagon.  The team’s names were Tom and Jerry (very original, I know).  They were coming home with a small load of hay.  When the team balked with the wagon in the creek.  (Do you see a pattern here – teams and water seem to have issues.)  John built a fire under the team with hay and willows.

The team pulled the wagon over the fire.  Grandpa quickly put the fire out.  But the team wouldn’t pull any more.  (I remember that this happened more than once; a fire and then the team moving just far enough to put the fire under the wagon and the two frantically putting the fire out.)  So John walked home and got the Dodge truck.  They put a log chain around the horses’ neck and pulled them.  After taht whenever a log chain rattled Jerry would really bust himself to pull.

And that is the end of my little book.   A little windy, I know, but a neat record of my heritage.  Hope you enjoyed it.

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