You Can Bet

posted by Chelsea

You can bet these footprints….

little feet

…are not mine.

My feet would never ever want to do that.  My feet think the lake, in August, is too cold.  My feet would be highly disappointed in me for putting them through that kind of chill.

I think we’re looking at approximately size 10, children’s size 10…

little feet 3

While neither she (nor her tootsies) seemed to mind the freeze too much…

snow 011

…..her hair, on the other hand, was so surprised by the shock that it couldn’t help but go totally crazy!

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  1. I love the little toe prints.

  2. Brave girl! I am the same as you Chelsea! My feet are constantly in slippers at my house. Love the hair too :)

  3. grandma Janie

    March 4, 2011
    5:15 pm

    That’s my girl. Way to go Lucy! toughen up those feet. Then warm them by the fire. Grandma Janie

  4. cutest little cold toe prints i ever saw!!!

  5. Cute, Crazy, Little Lucy!

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