Christmas: Meet the Cast ~ Angels

 posted by Donna

Luke 2:14

Glory to God in the highest,

And on earth peace among men with whom He is pleased.”


And what about those angels?

What on earth would a heavenly host look like? Black sky, night after night after night. Occasionally an aurora borealis might break up the sameness of black sky, night after night after night. Then <<BAM>>

Suddenly, there appeared with the angel

a multitude of the heavenly host.

Anyone want to take a guess on how many constitutes a multitude? Do you think it was less than 50,100? Could it have been as many as 1000? Or more? We know only what we’ve been told. Suddenly a multitude of the heavenly host lit up the ink black sky where shepherds gazed upward in total amazement.

How would you react if you were camping out in a remote place under the stars in the amazing quiet, and the next thing you know, you’re surrounded by the glory of the Lord shining around about you and, as if that’s not enough to give you a heart attack, next appears a multitude of the heavenly host and they don’t just hang there. They’re singing and shouting and praising!

These angels, this multitude, were very convincing, very effective evangelists. Did you notice? The minute they left, the excited shepherds made plans to leave tout de suite. The messengers from God had faithfully and convincingly delivered His message and inspired the recipients of the message – the shepherds – to action.  

It was no ordinary night. Angels are part of God’s supernatural realm. But this night had been planned carefully since the foundation of the world. Angels and men, men and Jesus. It’s like a plot to a really incredible book. Who would have such an incredible imagination as to put together such an amazing night? Who indeed? The angels knew: “Glory to God in the highest.” The shepherds knew: “And the shepherds went back, glorifying and praising God.” How about you? Do you know? Then tell Him so.

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  1. I saw an interesting idea: it has been suggested that these particular shepherds were taking care of a special flock of sheep from which sacrificial lambs were to be taken for the sacrifices in Jerusalem. And the angels appeared to these shepherds announcing the birth of the Saviour who is to be THE SACRIFICIAL LAMB of GOD. Just something to think about.

    • Joe! That IS interesting to think about isn’t it? Glad you shared– gives me something to think about today :-)

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