Poor Girl!

So… the girls and I are in Idaho for the week and Buck will join us for the weekend. We have a very important wedding to attend on Saturday and are making a week out of the event. That being said, we made our first trip to the Emergency Room Monday night. The short and sweet (?) version of the story is that our baby Kate fell forward into a parked bike and split her lip open. Thanks to the ER doc, one with very quick and steady fingers, she has three stitches keeping her top lip together. It was traumatic for our little miss. She had to be held down and strange people worked on her face- you can imagine how much any 17 month old would enjoy that. By the time we left the ER it was 9 o’clock and she was wiped. She fell asleep in her carseat before we pulled out of the parking lot. Despite her sleep she still managed to sniffle all the way back to my parents house. Poor girl.

Good news is that it’s healing right up and is hardly noticeable. Take a look…


Not too bad, is it?

That was woe number one out of two. Besides having stitches, Kate also managed to drop a big one (like, massive, gargantuous!) in the bathtub last night. Fortunately for you I had no desire to take pictures of that.  Oh! The woes of parenting!


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  1. Awwww…sorry to hear about Kate….and the giant drop. haha.

  2. Ha ha ha! I am laughing about the tub, not about the lip. Lex always pooped in the tub and Nojah, well, was NEVER impressed. Sorry about her lip incident. Hopefully she will forget about the scary ER staff soon. :-)

  3. I know of one Grammy who was traumatized by that fall:( Just look at that face! She’s a doll!

  4. Poor little baby Kate. sniffling in her sleep…just broke my heart. Kenny fell on a fruit jar, he was carrying and had to have stiches in his head, split them open again, after bumping hisi head, and had to have it repeated. Terrible, terrible, on mom and baby. I hate that stuff. But, it is parenting. And, they do grow up and do other things. But we won’t go there. Love and kisses to my babies. See you at the fair? Entered photography and veggies and flowers, haven’t had time to go see them, but will when I go watch Riley Ann show her lamb tomorrow morning at 9:15. Grandma…

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