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Baby Blessings!

When the phone rang at 7:04 yesterday morning I knew there was only one person it could be… my sweet friend who was nearing the end of her fourth pregnancy.   

I was right. Her water broke in the night and she was heading into the hospital.  Having promised her I would do everything to be there, I called to see if I could steal someone else’s job for the day and come in as her primary nurse.   It didn’t take a lot of convincing and soon I was showered and on my way, my friend having a track record for delivering quickly.

The logistics of the day couldn’t have worked out more perfectly.  For one, it was 7 a.m as oppossed to 2 a.m!  Besides the delightful hour, her husband, a cowboy, who works deep in Hells Canyon and can’t be contacted by phone there, he was present and accounted for.  Lots of prayers went up that the timing would be right and he’d be home when their new babe arrived.  As God would have it, he “happened” to come out Wednesday evening to bring some equipment to town.  Her water broke less than twelve hours after this good Daddy arrived.

It was a perfect day for me as well.  Buck was able to take the girls with him to feed cows and since his only project for the afternoon was picking up some grain hay, he didn’t mind having two little bambinos along for the ride.  Lucy (3 years) was really excited to spend the day with daddy.  Katelyn (11 months), didn’t think the carseat was too neat after a few hours of looking at cows, but a few choice snacks kept her placated.  In a couple more weeks, when my friend was actually due, we’ll be thick into calving season and bringing the girls along won’t be nearly so handy.  Needless to say, the timing was perfect

Her labor ended up surprising us all when evening rolled around.  The morning was pretty low key.  While I checked fetal heart tones we were able to… chat!? We haven’t been able to talk like we did yesterday in… well… five years?   Without our children to distract us and since she wasn’t into hard contractions yet, we managed to solve the world’s problems, ok, so our own little worlds’ problems anyway.  I value her friendship so much, and yet, predictably at this stage in our lives we spend such little time together.   When we do have time, it’s usually scattered and busy.  We both laughed at the uniqueness of our “quality time” together.  Her faithful cowboy was deep into a philosophical book, and no doubt much appreciative of the female companionship we were so thoroughly enjoying! 

The afternoon and evening didn’t entail much chatting time as her labor picked up dramatically.  I can’t tell you how utterly blessed I feel to be a part of deliveries.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I don’t take it lightly to be involved in one of the most intimate, exhausting, fullfilling, and miraculous days of a family’s life.  I’m one of the first to touch each new bundle of joy.  I get to witness and help women accomplish the impossible.  And I get to see hard working cowboys with tears running down their cheeks at the first sight of the new life they get to love. 

I drove home in the dark.  As I came up the lane, the cows full and nearly ready to calve, were right in the way of  my car.  They were delaying me from the warm bed beckoning me and a sweet little family of my own and yet, I felt so much gratitude.  Gratitude for the day- gratitude for a new baby boy to love, and most of all gratitude for my friend and her unbelievable strength and grace


A Feature on Features

Seeing as we have a new site and a new feature section I thought I’d start out with a little “Feature on Features”….

What is this feature section about?!  Who or what are we featuring and for what purpose?!

Basically, the feature section is devoted to featuring cowgirls… something about a cowgirl we know and their unique cowgirl life.  Some of the stories are cute, some are triumphant, some are tragic, and some are just plain funny.   There is a vast array of women out there living this western lifestyle.  They’re hard working, they’re down to earth, and quite frankly, they need to be the center of a feature story somewhere… that somewhere just so happens to be right here at Cowgirl Clippings.  It’s a clip, a glimpse, a taste of their life for you to read & enjoy.  It’s your chance to grab a cup of chai tea (or whatever your drink of choice might be) and enjoy a story about a real live cowgirl.

Here’s an example of a picture you might see in a feature story.   I think it’s only right for you to know that I took this picture out of jealousy.  I love that long blonde braid.   If I could have a braid just like that, I would.  It would requite a major color change as well as a lot of extensions… probably some kind of hair thickening product as well.  BUT since this is a feature about features and not about this picture of Jessie, I’ll move on.  (You can count on seeing more of her later.)   The photo is merely here so you know you can count on seeing pictures in each feature along with a story.

Here are the logistics….

*Feature stories come out once a week on WEDNESDAY.

*At the end of every feature will be a little “teaser” devoted to the next week’s feature cowgirl.  You can read the teaser and wait all week in eager anticipation for its unveiling.  It’ll be fun.

I think each of the featured cowgirls are remarkable women.  I can’t wait for you to meet all of them and see a little clip of their life.  Thanks for stopping by.


Gas Man

We live in a state where you do not pump your own gas.  Personally, I enjoy the luxury of not getting out of my car and smelling the gas fumes.  I like to think I put in my time when I lived in Idaho.  My poor hands froze every time I forgot to bring gloves with me to the gas station.  The luxury of living in a place with entirely too much snow meant my gas door found itself frozen shut on more than one occasion.  Good reason to listen to my dad and not drive around on empty. 

Back to Oregon… in our little town there are a limited number of gas stations.  I usually go to one in particular and on my way out of town a couple of days ago I needed to stop and fill up my tank.  My “favorite” gas station was temporarily out of service.  So… I had to go to another. I usually avoid the station I was now headed to.   At this particular gas station, the gas men are a little on the rough side.  One of the men likes to talk really close to my face and I’m always slightly uncomfortable.  When I have my window down, I’d prefer his face stay outside of the vehicle.   You get the idea.  Thus, I was annoyed; first because I had to go to another gas station and second because I knew the potential awkwardness that awaited me at gas station #2.

I pulled in and the gas man took my card.  He started filling up the tank and made nice small talk.  I could see him eyeing the hind end of my car and he started fidgeting. He obviously could not contain himself and he proceeded to do something no one should ever do… he attempted to wash my back window!  The dirt and mud was so caked on that I hadn’t been able to see out of it in… weeks?  It took him several dips in the window washing fluid and a lot of elbow grease.  By the time the pump was finished, he was not.  It was true graciousness… he scrubbed and washed and miraculously I could actually see out of the back window!  My rear view mirror finally had a purpose beyond watching small children in their carseats!  

The gas man gave me my receipt- sweat glistening on his forehead despite the fridgid winter air.  To top off his already job well done, in his hand were two suckers.  He handed them to me quite inconspicuously to ensure that no little eyes would see them until I was ready to share.   How nice was he?! I fine display of genuine kindness! To that I had no other words but “thank you!” 

I like to think of experiences like that as God-moments.  Thanks, God, for the gift of a nice man when I least expected it and in spite of my bad attitude!