Happy Thanksgiving

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We worked cows this weekend and I made everyone get on the fence for a family picture.  Have a  Happy Thanksgiving– so much to be thankful for!!

Back At It

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I’m back :-)



… are the best biscuits ever.  With the holidays approaching, you might just need a biscuit recipe… and it would be handy if you had the very best recipe, wouldn’t it?!  At the bottom, I will share. But first some other stuff.

I recently posted on Facebook my sincere appreciation for the logging truck drivers who frequent our road.  They are so kind to us- making room on our crazy road to make sure we feel safe.   That said, not only do logging trucks drive down the grade…

… but so do mobile homes…


(look close, that’s a triple wide on that trailer!) They did close the road for that little adventure… there wasn’t extra room for traffic!

A couple weeks ago we were in town with some time to spare, so we went to the lake… DSC_0537

And I took this picture of the kids…


And I just downloaded it off my camera… And I like it!  It depicts several things:

1. their personalities
2. their relationships
3. the stages they’re each at right now.

OK. Recipe. Named “Linda’s Biscuits” after guess who?! Linda!
Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

First, mix:
1 pkg (2 1/4 tsps) active dry yeast with
1/2 cup warm water
Let yeast and water sit until foamy about 10 minutes then add:
2 cups buttermilk (I use sour’d milk because I never have buttermilk!)

In a separate bowl, mix together:
5-6 cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
3 tsp baking powder
3 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
mix together.  mix in:
3/4 cup shortening (I use butter and it works well)

Add yeast mixture to flour mixture.  Roll out dough, cut out biscuits, bake 12-15 minutes.
serves: 24


Jr Rodeo, Superhero Sightings & Such

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Hi again!  I was so delighted and encouraged to keep writing when you showed up last week. Hi Grandpa! Hi Grandma!:-) Thanks for not giving up on me! ;-)

Lets see…. A couple weekends ago, Jessie & Collin put on the annual kids rodeo in town.  The girls have waited all summer for the big event. It was a really fun day. Katelyn and Lucy competed in barrels, pole bending, goat tail untying, and team sorting. Cooper was led through barrels and poles, and while he had fun, he was mostly upset that he had to be led…

12184013_10207111306253056_6875948665823232890_oMaybe next year he can ride by himself ;-) Here’s Kate, rockin’ the pole pattern… UntitledAnd Lucy, flyin’ thru the barrels… UntitledYou can see in the pictures, the girls have developed a habit of not using their stirrups. Katelyn has never really liked putting her feet in and Lucy’s make her knees sore. It’s worked out quite well, in my opinion. They both are having to learn to have a good seat and not rely on those stirrups. I like the habit :) On the way home from the rodeo we came across some cows that were out. The girls and I jumped out and got our horses out of the trailer… UntitledAnd put the cows away. Which, in my opinion, was the icing on the cake of a great day. On another note, we were riding last week… Untitledwhen we came across a superhero who wanted to ride… DSC_0429  Cooper loves costumes- particularly superheros. He shows up to various events in his costumes including an evening in the saddle. The fall evenings… Untitled

have been pretty pleasant around here. We did get some much needed rain this last weekend, but we’ve had a lot of ride-able afternoon and evenings!

Until next time~

Cow-camp, Once A Week, And Other Matters

Well, hi there!

I’ve missed you! Ironically, I’m writing more than ever, but not here :( Because of that, I’ve been doing some thinking and decided to start keeping one day a week as my “blog deadline day”.  That way I’ll keep up, at least with a few pictures, once a week.  So… Monday is the day. Blog day.  I have LOVED keeping this blog, documenting our life, and I would be awfully sad if I let it go. Unfortunately, at the rate I’ve been blogging, it’s being let go. So… here I am.  Every Monday I’ll show up here.  I’d be delighted if you would, too.  I realize we might have some trust issues to work out.  I haven’t followed through in the past and you might not want to trust again.  But I’ll do my best! I’ll give it the ol’ college try (And I tried hard in college! Except the semester Buck and I were dating and got engaged. Then my friends had to drag me through some tough classes! But other than that, I tried really hard! :) So lets get this show on the road. Cowcamp.  Cow-camp.  CowCamp.  Cow camp.  Cow Camp.  (Pick your spelling!)


The kids and I spent a long weekend at camp… always fun to come home with coolers, bags, laundry, sleeping bags, and gear…all needing to be unpacked.  I pick someone else to do that job!  Any takers?!   The girls went to school today. Cooper is cutting up small pieces of paper.  And taping them to the floor.  He’s working on his fine motor skills!  (I’ll be working on mine later when I peel the small, taped, pieces of paper off the floor!) Anyway.  Cowcamp.  The kids and I held down the fort- we kept the fires going and played at camp.  Lucy rode one day with the crew and boy did that get me excited about the day we’ll all be able to go!  But I enjoy camp time, too, and am glad for the down time.  I got to drink coffee, read, and write a few letters.  See… Untitled

I even took a picture ;-)  Note the yarn in the background… Katelyn worked on a project at camp.  The girls have a “Loop De Loom” and she was able to get most of a scarf done.  It was white.  At cow camp.  But never mind that! Here’s the kids, out on an adventure walk… Untitled

Whoa! Hey look! Here they were a-couple-a-years-ago… 1383529_10201213750079806_808805413_n It appears that we have all moved out of stretchy pants (at least in the picture!)   Back to this year.  Here’s Cooper looking quite grown up and man-like…

Untitled Here’s Lucy looking quite amused at her little brother taking her picture by the campfire…

Untitled And the girls, looking like sweet sisters…

 Caitlin & Beau having a moment…

Untitled Buck & Mo having a moment….

Untitled Caitlin, Beau and Scooby-Do having a moment…

Untitled And Katelyn Claire, waiting in the tent…

Untitled There it is.  A picture recap of cow-camp.  And I’m already excited about writing for next week! So much to say!  See you soon! -Chels                  

Sunset & News

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was the sunset on the ranch last night. Straight out of the camera. No filter. It’s been smokey and made the sun really bright orange/red.  I’m in love with this picture.

That was the “Sunset” part of the title of this post.  Now for the “News” part.

Buck’s Grandma Janie has been writing a column, “Janie’s Journal” for a Northwest newspaper, “Agritimes” for the last 30 years or so.  Recently she decided to downsize her schedule and asked if I’d fill in for her, possibly indefinately.  I wrote for the month of July and yesterday I got a call from the newspaper asking if I’d write permanently because Janie has decided to be done with her twice a month column.  So… I’m doing it!  These are large boots to fill as Janie has a huge following and fan base.  She has been writing about their ranch life for a Very. Long. Time.  

I’m excited. And nervous. And excited. I’ll try not to let things completely fall apart here at CC! Maybe HAVING to write more will make me write more here, too!  And maybe since I can’t include our entire life in the newspaper I’ll fill in the gaps here.

OK. And here’s our Cooper, with our new puppy, Clyde. (Buck didn’t get a chance to use the name on a child, so he decided to use it on his new pup :) DSC_3708